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Jun 22, 2008 02:56 PM

Foodstuffs in South Etobicoke

We're considering a move from East York to South Etobicoke (Royal York and Queensway), and we'd like to know if equivalents to the Brickworks Farmers Market, Fresh From the Farm and The Big Carrot exist in that area... It doesn't have to be exactly the same, but a place where it's fun to congregate on weekend mornings would be great, as well as a store that carries great eggs and natural/organic food. Nice cafés and good restaurants would be a great bonus. I know that Birds and Beans is in the area, since it's where I purchase my green beans of coffee.

Thanks for your input! It's greatly appreciated :)

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  1. Markets in the area (not sure what days):Sherway Gardens, Parklawn&Queensway, Dufferin and Ronceisville area.

    Bloor West (Coffee Tree) and Royal York (Creme de la Creme for breakfast) are great areas to congregate.

    Other noteables: Cheese Boutique (for specialty foods), Vibo, Yellow Griffin (for Burgers) .. do a search for more on Chowhound

    1. Though it certainly doesn't fit all your criteria, my new favorite is the store opened by the Shasha Bread Co (on Plastic Ave; Queensway east of Islington. turn south at the Baskin Robbins).

      They have their amazing organic whole grain breads fresh from where it's baked (3 doors north), as well as spelt pizza crusts and 5 flavours of their little heart shaped snap cookies (ginger snaps, cocoa snaps, lemon poppy seed snaps...). They also sell bags of the specialty flours they use in the baking of their breads. They also have an expanding selection of organic/natural grocery products, and a cold case with some really good dips and pestos. No fresh produce, but lots of good stuff.

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        Hi Savannah,
        I LOVE Shasha and want to go there this Sunday (we're renting a car which is why the specific day). Any chance you know whether it's open on Sunday? (these are the important questions, right?!) :) Their website doesn't even mention the store.... so I'd really appreciate your help. :)

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          Hi Jay9F,

          Sadly it's not open Sundays...

      2. According to a recent thread on here, there is a Whole Foods opening up around Sherway Gardens shortly. I'm not sure of the exact location, but a quick search should find it. Also Dimplemeirs bakery outlet is on Advance Road between Islington and Kipling and they do make some Organic products.

        1. Pasquale Bros supplies a lot of restaurants and they're open to the public

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            Pasquale Brothers is only open on weekdays and close at 4:30 pm. They used to be open on Saturdays. It's too bad they changed their hours since getting there on a weekday could be a challenge for many.

          2. There is a store selling organic produce, dairy etc, just west of Royal York, close to Brentwood Ave. I think it's called Abundance or Natural Abundance. Another nice place to check out is Artisano Bakery / Cafe. It's on Islington, just south of Norseman Ave.