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Feb 13, 2003 02:14 AM

British import store in SF Valley?

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I saw a mention somewhere of a British import store in the valley - maybe Tarzana. I keep thinking that it's a place that carries Tim Tams. Anyone know of this place?

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  1. I think there is a shop next door to Robin Hood's Pub on Burbank and Woodman. Maybe called Friar Tucks?

    1. There's a meat market called Bob's, located in the Trader Joe's lot at San Fernando Mission Road and Balboa, in Granada Hills. He carried a small selection of British foods. Tel. # is 818-368-8166

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        This place is next to that Charlie Temmel's steakhouse. If you can find their address, you can find the store.

        I thought Tim Tam's were an Australian product?

        1. Here's a link that might be helpful, it lists several SFV stores.

          Link: http://www.babcla.org/ct_la_stores.php

          1. Not exactly in the Valley, but we go to Hare and the Hounds in Thousand Oaks on TO Blvd. Fabulous stuff.