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Jun 22, 2008 02:27 PM

pre prepping risotto

Planning on making risotto tonight as a main but I don't want to be in the kitchen the whole time the apps are being served.

Is there a way i can cheat to cut down the cooking time.

I'm wondering if I leave the dry risotto in the broth, will it cut the cooking time or will it turn into ricecake?

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  1. You can cook the risotto to just one step before it is finished - spread it out on a sheet pan and let it cool - before finishing, make sure the broth is hot, put the risotto back in the pot and warm, then add the hot broth and finish - Do NOT leave risotto in the broth to sit it will turn to mush.

    I also remember reading, recently, about a chef in NY who does a baked risotto at his restaurant, you might try a search online.

    1. Check the Cooks Illustrated archives. They worked up a streamlined version of risotto a few years ago.

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        I went on cooks illustrated.. you have to pay for use their site. =(

        I think i need to practice making risotto, period!
        I just can't seem to get it perfect.

      2. you can do the restaurant cheating method and just cook aborio to al dente, save some of the cooking water, and then finish it later when you want to.

        or you can cook it regularly, but then add broth when ready to serve to cream it per se

        1. you can also pressure cook it. I know, I was skeptical, but it works. 10 minutes; start to finish, and very little stirring.

          1. how did you manage?

            we have an open kitchen, and i enjoy cooking the risotto while guests are there. taking turns stirring as we sip wine...

            im sure i turned out wonderfully! what did you out in it?