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Jun 22, 2008 02:00 PM

Nashville Outdoor Dining

Traveling through Nashville at the end of June and was wondering if anyone knew of a good area for outdoor dining with a well behaved canine friend? Any tips on a funky, neighborhood restaurant with high quality food would be greatly appreciated. Any cuisine really, just looking to get local.

I'm staying at the Loews. Never been to Nashville so hoping that is a convenient area for good outdoor dining. But willing to explore and drive a bit.


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  1. Jackson's in Hillsboro Village is a good bet for outdoor dining and is canine friendly. It's bistro fare, so nothing particularly interesting (although they do have fried Twinkies), but the food I've eaten there has been good. The last time I went, I had a nice salade Nicoise, and my husband had a Monte Cristo. It is a really great location for people-watching. To get there from Loews: take a left onto West End, then a right on 21st. It will be on the left after you've passed the hospital and university.

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      As a fellow dog lover -- our Leo dines lots with us -- in addition to Jackson's I have a few additions. (BTW, Jackson's opens for brunch at 9am on Sundays if you'll be in town over the weekend; great breakfast and the patio isn't crowded then.)

      Rumba -- same owner as Jackson's, dogs are allowed on the patio. They open at 4pm daily. Unfortunately they do not have a website but are located less than a mile up West End from the Lowe's towards I-440 on your left. They do great salads, brick oven pizzas, satay and other Latin/Caribbean fare. You can get anything from a salad to lobster 2 ways and tons in between. The steamed mussels are great.

      In the Belmont/12th South neighborhood, not far from Hillsboro Village and West End there are 2 good options: PM Cafe on Belmont Boulevard has great sushi and other Asian foods, the best burger in town and lots of snacks and good drinks. They have a good patio and our dog is a regular.

      On 12th South, the 12th South Taproom is a casual place with sandwiches, burgers, daily specials (quesadilla, soup) salads and lots of beer on tap. Their patio is very open and spacious so the pups have lots of room to lounge without getting in anyone's way. If you end up here, head farther south on the 12th to Las Paletas for a homemade Mexican popsicle.

      There are a few other coffee shop type places that have food and patios as well -- Fido in Hillsboro Village has sidewalk seating and Bongo Java on Belmont has a large deck. Fido serves beer/wine and has an ecclectic menu breakfast/lunch/dinner. Bongo is coffee, etc. only but good food as well. Frothey Monkey, also on 12th South, has a nice patio and healthy, organic foods to go with their coffees. Good dog patio.

      Lastly, if you want something a little nicer, Flyte has a patio and dogs are welcome on it. They do a great happy hour from 4:30 - 7:30 with interesting bar snacks. They are located more towards downtown near the Gulch.

      East Nashville as a whole is very dog friendly. We've taken ours to Eastland Cafe many times; it's a good neighborhood restaurant with great food and friendly people. If you want to explore that part of town it would be a good choice for the pup.

      Hope this helps. If any others come to mind I'll add them. Enjoy your visit!

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        Second try; I just typed a response and it's not showing so if I end up repeating myself and it shows up later, I apologize!!!

        We dine frequently with our dog at the following places:

        I'll second Jackson's. Very dog friendly and they are open for Sunday brunch at 9am which is great. Good sandwiches, salads, etc.

        Rumba -- same owner as Jackson's but billed as a Satay/Caribbean place. The menu is much more varied and creative than that though. I think it's one of the most underrated restaurants in Nashville and one of our favorites -- terrific salads, thin crust brick overn pizzas, steamed mussels are delicious as is the flatbread app w/chimichurri sauce. They do a great filet and other entrees. It's all very good there. They open daily at 4pm. It's located about a mile up West End from the Lowe's (away from downtown) and is on the left before you get to Blakemore Avenue.

        Belmont Boulevard -- PM Cafe. Great sushi and other Asian cuisine, also the best burger in Nashville.

        12th Avenue South -- 12th South Taproom. Burgers, sandwiches, daily specials (quesadillas, soups, etc.) salads, and a large beer selection. Both Belmont and 12th are nice areas for walking and most residential. If you're on 12th, continue south and go to Las Paletas (on the right at the light of 12th and Kirkwood) and grab a homemade Mexican popsicle then walk the dog across the street to the park.

        A few other options, Bongo Java on Belmont -- coffeehouse with good breakfast/lunch

        Eastland Cafe in East Nashville, if you'd like to explore that part of town. Great food, very dog friendly neighborhood on the whole with pation in the back.

        Flyte is a great restaurant with a great happy hour until 7:30 daily; they have a patio and welcome dogs, although it's not really in a neighborhood and is more downtown near the Gulch.

        Hope this helps....enjoy your visit!

      2. THANKS SO MUCH FOLKS --- we will definitely check out Eastland and hopefully some others.

        Thanks again!!