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Jun 22, 2008 01:58 PM

Portland Biz Trip - Something Near Hilton (on SW 6th Street)?

On business tonight in Portland - looking for a good foodie recommendation close by the Hilton on SW 6th Street downtown. Any recommendations? Sushi would be good, but open to anything that's recommended and visited by locals.

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  1. Closest good food would be either Higgins or Southpark, both 5 minute walks.
    Incredible sushi at Hiroshi on NW 9th, a 10 minute streetcar ride.

    For lunch tomorrow consider the food carts on Alder between 9th-10th.

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      Closer than Hiroshi would be Murata.

    2. K & Z's deli on corner of 11th and Stark

      Clyde Common's in same building on Stark

      1. Mostly plastic junk near the Hilton. Your best bet is to head over near Powell's Books (Burnside @ NW10th) where within 4 blocks you'll find Ten 01*, Clyde Common** and a few bars and lunch places (K&Z's Deli**). You can walk from the Hilton or take the free streetcar on SW 10th. If you want something really special, stay on the streetcar until you reach NW 21st for Paley's or Wildwood.

        Also across from the bookstore is a great fresh Gelato place on NW 11th.

        Deschutes Brewpub just opened on NW 11th - north 2 blks of the bookstore (great beer but poor food).

        * on Couch St across from bookstore
        ** on SW Alder in the Ace Hotel

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          Thanks very much for the recommendations! I hit a few of these spots!

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            Where? A trip report not only encourages locals, but is helpful to other visitors as well.