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Jun 22, 2008 01:32 PM

Portsmouth, NH to Portland, ME suggestions

I'll be road tripping in and around Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME for 3-4 days in a few weeks.

I'm expecting to get some great seafood but I am open to other types of places.

What restaurants should I make a priority in Portsmouth, NH and Porltand, ME and any point in between?

Brakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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  1. Well, there's a lot to cover. I'll just offer couple of suggestions from the area I know best.

    For lunch in the Portsmouth area in the summer, my first choice is always BG's Boathouse on Sagamore Creek in Portsmouth, with covered and uncovered deck seating with a view of the docks and water. Simple, uncomplicated seafood served by friendly folks:

    For dinner in the Portsmouth/Kittery area, I recommend the Black Trumpet in Portsmouth or Anneke Jans in Kittery. I tend to eat at the bar a lot in both cases. Anneke Jans is probably my first choice, just because the whole experience (food, drinks, staff, setting) comes together for an evening that's sophisticated but relaxed.

    The Black Trumpet works well if you want to stay on foot in downtown Portsmouth, and of course it's a spot with foodie pedigree, as the site for many years of the famous Blue Strawberry. The upstairs bar area (which includes a few small tables) is deliciously cozy with a great view of the harbor.

    1. I just recently was in Portland for the first time, and after lots of CH research and feedback, I had dinner at Fore Street. I would highly recommend you do so as well-- The food was beyond excellent, well thought out and well prepared-- You really get to taste the ingredients in pure form. The service was also phenomenal, and you just get the feeling that the people involved in the restaurant care about what they are doing. Their menu changes daily, and there's no wine list on the menu, but their Wood-fire mussels are a staple and are a must-have. I also tried the Jumbo Oyster Mushroom Confit, the Hangar Steak, the Pork Chop (another must-have!!), the rhubarb shortcake and the chocolate/peanut butter/caramel tart, and honestly I was very happy with every dish. Of course, washing it down with a bottle of Sancerre Rouge didn't hurt :)

      One thing I would definitely recommend, however, is to make reservations. ASAP.