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Breakfast on Bainbridge Island

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Taking the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Is. early am, en route to Port Angeles, and would like to stop for breakfast. Any recommendations?

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  1. Try Cafe Nola on Winslow. Just turn right at the first light as you exit the ferry. The restaurant is on the left at the first intersection.

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      Just a warning that Cafe Nola is open only on weekends, starting at 9:30.

      Cafe Nola
      101 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

    2. Streamliner Diner in downtown Winslow puts out a decent breakfast but gets kind of crammed in the summer with tourists but an early weekday would be no problem. Green eggs & ham! If you want to go off the beaten track a bit I'd vote best breakfast on Bainbridge is a little joint in the Lynwood Center neighborhood called the Salmon Bay Cafe. The owner/cook is a real chef worthy of a top venue but is living his dream at the SBC. Winslow mornings are otherwise a haven for nice bakeries. I think Doc's on the waterfront is dealing breakfasts, likely pretty good stuff.