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Jun 22, 2008 12:34 PM

Burger with BBQ Sauce...where in LA?

Where can I find a phenomenal burger that uses BBQ sauce not found on a grocery story shelf? Anywhere in LA?

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  1. Houston's (in Pasadena, at least) has a terrific made-to-order Hickory Burger.

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    1. re: jerry200

      Apple Pan, across from the westside pavilion, also have a very good hickory burger.

      1. re: jgomer

        26 Beach also makes a good hickory burger.

        For a BBQ Burger, try the Cafe at the Belmont.

        Also, for a quick no frills locale, Barney's Beanery makes 'em too.

        1. re: jgomer

          I'd also recommend the Apple Pan.

        2. re: jerry200

          houston's - century city. w/bacon and cheese and bbq sauce! delicious.

        3. Hickory burger at the Apple Pan. The Father's Office burger at Father's Office. Or make your own at The Counter in Santa Monica.

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          1. re: big mouth

            or build your own at 25 Degrees.

            1. re: big mouth

              Father's Office has a burger with BBQ sauce? I've had their burger and as I recall correctly it was sans the sauce.

              1. re: ReelMike84

                You're correct! It does not have BBQ sauce. I guess it's the caramelized onions and bacon compote that remind me of it. Or at least fulfill my craving for BBQ flavor.

            2. I've had all the above burgers except 26 Beach (including the Office Burger which is *not* a BBQ burger).

              My favorite BBQ burger has always been Hamburger Hamlet. I'd put The Counter a close second.

              1. Robin's BBQ in Pasadena. One of my favorite burgers


                1. 26 Beach in Venice 3100 Washington Blvd.

                  They make their own buns & BBQ sauce.