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Jun 22, 2008 11:35 AM

Kitchen of India on Joppa Road under new ownership

Today my Fiance and I went to the buffet at the Kitchen of India and noticed all new faces working the restaurant. They were pretty buisy and one thing we noticed is that it seemed that more of the patrons appeared to be Indian then usual. The buffet has changed a bit and we both enjoyed the food a great deal. The standouts for me were the Chicken Tica Masala, the Vegatable Korma and the two appetizer type dishes at the begining of the buffet - one was a salid dish with chickpeas and the other was a round hollow fried cracker type thing that you fill with something similar to potato salid and cover in a spiced sauce. Actually I really enjoyed the Goat Curry as well although my Fiance described the flavor as a little strong. The lunch buffet is around $10 per person on the weekend and may be less during the week.

It seems that everything - the road sign, chairs and tables and even the pictures on the wall are the exact same. The new owners must have bought the place lock, stock and barrel.

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  1. Lets hope it stay that way- I recently discovered that place, and noted how great a value it was! Really a pleasant surprise in the neighborhood....

    1. I never understood your undying devotion to this place... i really found it just mediocre...

      how does the food compare to the old owners?

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        In response to OscarTehGrouch, the reasons we like Kitchen of India:

        -The food at the buffet doesn't take chances by being overly or heavily spiced and we've always enjoyed it.
        -Food and service have always been consistant.
        -Their Chicken Tica Masala is excellent (very tender and quality chicken is used) - we like it better then any we've found elsewhere.
        -The Owners and Employees are very friendly (hopefully the new Owners will be too).
        -Prices are reasonable.
        -The location is convenient to where we live.
        -After trying 7-8 different Indian Restaurants in the area, Kitchen of India, Mt Everest and The Ambassador Dinning Room are the places we enjoy and return to.
        -When we find a restaurant that we both enjoy, I like to spread the word as a benefit to the restaurant and to people looking for a good place to eat.

        I usually try to make it clear that KOI is not a placed to go for the decor (it is very sparce) but for overall value, food and location.

        The buffet offeres a few selections that were not available perviously, I would expect that there will be some changes to food and from our one experience I would say we both enjoyed it as much as previous visits.

        1. re: Whitemarshjohn

          I am the exact opposite, I like places that take chances with the spicing of their food, I've had way too much bland food including Indian.

          1. re: Whitemarshjohn

            You prefer bland food? Ack!!! At least now I know how to interpret your recommendations.

            Then again, I don't like buffets either. I don't value quantity over quality.

            1. re: Whitemarshjohn


              there's a difference between flavorful and well "seasoned" vs. overly spiced. And while it takes giving every place a try to find out, I definitely can't deal with bland food as well.

          2. Good to know. I haven't been there in awhile, but I also like this restaurant a lot. Of course, it is also down the street from my house, so that helps.

            1. The original comment has been removed