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Jun 22, 2008 10:00 AM

Passion8 Bistro in Fort Mill

Has anyone tried ths restaurant? The write ups I have been able to find seem interesting.

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  1. Has anyone been to this restaurant lately and tried out the new menu? I was taken there in Feb and had the Bison short ribs and they were outstanding but haven't been able to go since they changed the menu (a bit out of the way for me). The new menu looks very interesting.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. No more annoying than M5. I looked at their online menu and bison short ribs aren't on there. To go with the annoying theme, though, the font is pretty pretentious.

        1. re: friek

          It's like a bad personalized license plate. Okay, sorry, I'll move on.

          1. re: friek

            Sounds like a cheap motel with hourly rates and large rotating beds that vibrate. I once read that such places exist

        2. On Charlotte Talks this morning I heard Helen Shaub say something like it was the best restaurant in town or her favorite or something? Was anyone listening? I was on the phone and only caught bits and pieces so I'll have to listen in again tonight. I went in last week and the boursin topped french cut pork chop was nuts and the calamari was the best I've ever had so I can't disagree.

          1. I also heard the radio interview so we went in for dinner...definitely worth it. Schwab doesn't lie either. Check it out. Decor needs adjusting, but the vintage parlor feel is...unique.

            1. We have been several times- if you appreciate Barrington's sister restaurant, Good Food On Montford, then Passion 8 is for you. Extreme attention to detail, locally grown produce and meats (Grateful Growers is their main supplier), plus a chef (owner-Lucca) that makes your evening complete by personally introducing himself (who could not be more delightful and hails from Italy) and will often linger for a chat...we naturally return night after night for more.