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Jun 22, 2008 09:48 AM

Best Hashbrowns in Los Angeles Area

Ok, Folks! I'm hungry and in search of some REAL food. A good old pancake diner, nothing fancy. Please help me in locating the best hashbrowns in the Los Angeles area. I know it's a hard request, because a delicious crispy shredded potato is a dying art. Home fries or The Pantry need not apply.


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  1. Nate'n'Al's

    For upscale, Anisette

    Pacific dining Car

    S & W country Diner - order extra crispy

    Russell's in Pasadena

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    1. re: Emme

      Agree with S & W, on Washington in downtown Culver City, ordered well done or extra crispy. Really crisp on the outside, without being burnt, and tender on the inside. Available as one of the side choices in their combo breakfasts, though their pancakes are also quite good. Homemade corned beef hash. Avoid their biscuits unless you like the really cake-like kind cut from a loaf. Cash only.

      1. oooohhhh Hasb browns...yum! I want some. I wonder if the griddle serves them? I'ma gonna go check!

        1. I love the hashbrowns at Meditirina on Abbot Kinney, they probably contain a whole stick of butter per serving and are delicious.

            1. re: morecake

              Victor's Deli is either closed or closing. Good news, they're looking for someone to take it over. Interested?