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Jun 22, 2008 09:45 AM

looking for neighborhood french restaurant

My wife and I are in Montreal (we're staying around St. Catherine and St Laurent). We have tonight (Sunday) off and we'd like to go out for reasonable French dinner, as we're in Montreal. Nothing too fancy or extra pricey. I don't want to dress up too much (I wear a coat and tie to work everyday). We'd like to find a neighborhood place where locals might go with good food and good wine. We can take a cab if it's not walking distance. We'd prefer not to eat in a hotel as we see alot of hotels and it's nice to get out once in a while. It doesn't have to be cutting edge food, we're both happy with classic French like Coq au Vin, Blanquette de Veau, ect, ect. Any and all suggestions are appreciated, Merci

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  1. The suggestions I have been given so far are:

    Le Grand Comptoir


    Bistro L'Entrepont

    Les Caprices de Nicolas

    Any comments on these restaurants, or comparisons?


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    1. re: Bob M.

      Le Grand Comptoir is closed on Sundays. Laloux is excellent but more modern French than classic (you won't find coq au vin on the menu). See L'Entrepont's menu via the link provided in my other post. Les Caprices de Nicolas is, like its namesake, defunct, replaced by Ariel, which has gotten generally positive -- but not always -- reviews, which is hardly classic French and which is closed on Sundays.

    2. Sunday limits your options somewhat.

      Downtown, there's Le Caveau and Le Mas des Oliviers. In Old Montreal, Bonaparte and, for southwestern French, les Pyrenées. Unfortunately, Le Paris is closed on Sundays.

      You could always head to one of the bistros. Leméac, Au Petit Extra and Le Continental are three of my favourites, though L'Express is also very popular.

      Among the neighbourhood bistros open on Sunday is Le Paris-Beurre in Outremont (haven't been in ages, so this isn't a strong recco).

      A few decent BYOs are open on Sundays: Les Héritiers, Yoyo, L'Entrepont, Les Infidèles, O'Thym. The first has the most traditional French menu.

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        Thank you for your comprehensive survey of the French Bistro scene in Montreal; it made for some good internet reading.

        Unfortunately, Laloux, our 1st choice, was fully booked last night and so were a few others we tried from your list (Best Website - without a doubt - Le Continental). As last night was absolutely beautiful outside, walking to our restaurant became a priority within our party (there were three of us). We dined at Bistro L'Aromate, as recommended by our hotel concierge, downtown on Peel street, where everything was sightly above average. My wife and I did have wonderful salads, we had a inexpensive Cote du Rhone that paired well with our lamb and had an opportunity to try some local sparkling Rose cider as an apertif. Everything else was unmemorable except we had a server who was one of the more beautiful young female creatures that I've had the pleasure to spend a few hours with lately and it completely enhanced the dining experience. I'm not sure my wife agreed.