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Jun 22, 2008 09:32 AM

¿Spanish Tortilla en Santa Monica?

I just remembered that while riding my bike through Santa Monica a couple of weekends ago, I spotted a soon-to-be-opened storefront dedicated to one of Europe's most delicious snacks - the Spanish Tortilla. It was located within a block of Ocean Ave., on the north side of Broadway, Colorado, or one of the other E/W streets in the area.

I fondly remember a deli in Barcelona's Plaza del Sol, downstairs from the grimiest excuse for a youth hostel in which I ever had the misfortune to rest my head, where they sliced a wedge of tortilla, transected it to make to skinny triangles which formed a near rectangle when nestled together on a long roll, and dressed the whole thing by SQUEEZING a tortilla all over it before closing up the sandwich and handing it off in a square of brown paper.

Has anyone seen, tried, reported on this new spot in Santa Monica? I wish I could remember the name, but I cannot. It was something cutesy VooZoo? TuTuTu? I think the sign was orange and green.

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    1. re: sassypants

      Yup, the OP is most likely referring to Bar Pintxo. Probably not bad to satisfy an urge for tortilla espanola, but good luck with the rest of the infinitely small portions.

      1. re: TracyS

        No, the OP is right I remember that there is a new place to open. I still can't remember where I saw the reference

    2. You may be thinking of Xooro, which hasn't opened yet. I believe they will sell churros, not tortilla espanola