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Jun 22, 2008 08:50 AM

Vin Bar - Valentino

We tried Vin Bar for the first time Saturday night and it is a great option when you want a casual dining experience. Portion size was generous - we did splits, the food was excellent and the Vin Bar wines are wonderful plus reasonable in price.

The crudo plate was perfect - tuna with a pineapple dressing, yellowtail with cucumber and Baltic salmon with orange, salmon caviar and black caviar. (first photo)

Fried baby Squid in a cone with Aioli sauce - a very, very generous portion and delicious (second photo)

Sweet Corn filled Ravioli with Farmer's Market vegetables (zucchini, asparagus, cherry tomatoes) with tomato coulis and baked Ricotta cheese - the veggies were just perfect (third photo)

Grilled Red Snapper with tomatoes, caper berries and cauliflower puree (not pictured) - excellent

Cheese Plate (last photo)

A perfect option when you want a casual dining experience with excellent wine, food and service.

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    1. re: mnosyne

      The crudo was the most expensive menu item at $20, but easily shared for 2 - quality of the fish would equal any excellent sushi bar.
      The fried squid was 11.00 and could feed 4 easily.
      The ravioli was 13.00 - again enough for 2
      The branzino was 17.00- plenty shared
      The cheese was 12.00 - also enough to share

      Total for food was $73.00 - absolutely can just do a crudo, the squid and cheese and be happy.

      We didn't do wines by the glass, but bought a bottle for $45.

      This really is a wine bar for grown-ups and you can even watch a game on the TV if you want (sound low so you can take it or leave it).

    2. Great pictures, looks wonderful!!!