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Jun 22, 2008 08:49 AM

Petit Louis Bistro

I just thought I would report that my Fiancé and I had dinner the other night at Petit Louis and as we expected the food was fantastic.

I've been there once before on a Sunday for brunch about a year ago and we thought it was really good.

The dinner is quite a bit more pricy then lunch/brunch, but the food was top shelf. We both got escargot as an appetizer (good consistency but not much flavor) and as entrees she had salmon which was excellent+ and I had scallops that rivaled the heavenly scallops I had - had at Tersiguels. The better half had a rich chocolate dessert which was very good and I had a crape dessert filled with a custard with raspberries on it which was terrific. Let me not forget to mention that they have a very extensive wine list and they make really good coffee.

Service was friendly and spot-on which was appreciated since the Server on our last visit had the personality of a walnut.

Another thing to mention – I inquired about dress code when making our reservation and I was told that comfortable and casual were acceptable, but noticed that most people were dressed pretty nice – I guess it kind of goes with the territory in Roland Park.

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  1. I just thought I would also mention as a curious crazy side note that we took a drive after eating dinner last night at Petit Louis and drove past Miss Shirley's. We've been to Miss Shirley's a few times and I'm not big on going out to breakfest or brunch but I think their food is the best I've had for that type of place. The downside is that you may end up waiting for a table for a very long time on the weekends because so many people love their food

    After driving past Miss Shirley's we went to Hampden and suddenly had to use the restroom and stopped into Rocket to Venus to sort of check them out (I've read about them on this forum) and use their facilities. They were very buisy in the dining room as well as at the bar. We had a couple of drinks and read over the menu and they appear to have really good food at reasonable prices. They are now on our "must try" list.

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      Ate at petit Louis recently and had a wonderful lanb sausage made in-house; unfortunately, a special, but get it if its on the menu. Also had their great poulet which had the best skin Ive ever had on a chicken. The waiter explained: Put duck fat under the skin as you would butter. When the bird is almost done, rub duck fat all over the outside of the skin and jack the oven up to 500 for a few minutes. PL is a wonderful place to go.

      I also went to RTV on Hounds' recs and it too is on my new list of favorite places.

      1. re: tartuffe

        If I'm not mistaken, I've tried that lamb sausage special and was decidedly underwhelmed by it, especially compared to the rest of the food that particular night. They're the ones that are cut into kabob like pieces and served over couscous? Our lamb was tough and lacking in flavor. It was disappointing compared to the excellent preparation of most of the other food we had (the sweetbreads come to mind).

        1. re: Wangus

          different sausageor at least no couscous. Quality control is harder to do when you make it yourself.

    2. Is that a Freudian typo....."a crape(y) dessert?????

      1. new chef de cuisine is doing a very, very good job.