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Jun 22, 2008 07:59 AM

Not Fancy French BYOB

Finally...the movers are coming and I'll be on terra firma in Chicago on about July 1st. While waiting for the movers to deliver our goods, we'll be eating out.

We are transporting our wine in the car with us, so we have that going for us. I have a little list of BYOB places that we're going to explore, but I'm really looking for a neighborhoody French brassierie/bistro with tasty food that is BYOB (hopefully).

Something that's cozy with great food, a local fave, not too pricey...maybe 25ish a head. A place that you go when you just don't feel like cooking. You know the local place that you just love, not the fancy, get dressed up, special occassion kind of French.

Any ideas? I'll take BYOB and non-BYOB options, please. Bonus if they're open for lunch. I'll be living in Andersonville, but anywhere close-ish is great.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't know of any BYOB French in Chicago.

    Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square which I think borders Andersonville to the south. Wonderful, authentic food (Chef Altenberg is committed to organic), a cozy atmosphere with an outdoor area in the summer and the right price range

    Le Bouchon and Cafe Matou in Bucktown which is a little south and west of Andersonville. Le Bouchon is tiny, the food is great and the feel very French. Matou (Alleycat) is a little larger, but also good.

    There's Le Tache in your hood, which I have never been to, but heard very good things about it.

    1. Cotes Du Rhone
      5424 N Broadway St
      Chicago, IL 60640
      (773) 293-2683

      Check out others' reviews of Cotes Du Rhone at It's not in Andersonville, I guess it's Edgewater there, but close enough. It is BYOB and French. I didn't love it, but it was OK when we went.

      We're close to Bouchon and Matou and enjoy both of them, though neither is BYO. Matou is more market-oriented, Bouchon is more a classic bistro.

      Cotes Du Rhone
      5424 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60640

      1. I'm not from Chicago, so can't compare this restaurant to others, but I'd echo the positive comments on Le Bouchon. My husband and I had a weeknight dinner there during our Chicago visit last year and it was one of our favourite meals out. It had a great neighbourhood vibe, beautiful food, and an inexpensive prix fixe option. A day or two after our dinner, we were wandering around being (somewhat lost) tourists, we walked past a restaurant and both commented on the amazing scents that were wafting from it, only to realize that we were once again outside Le Bouchon!

        We're planning on going back during our visit this summer.

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          Note: Le Bouchon and La Sardine are not BYO, but they do have Monday/Tuesday night specials. I think Mon is 1/2 price bottles of wine and Tue is $25 three course menu. Check the web sites to confirm.

        2. We had a very nice meal at La Tache. It was a while ago, so I don't recall the details, but I know we enjoyed it. Here's a link: