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Jun 22, 2008 07:49 AM

Good quality midtown bakery (52nd & 6th vicinity)

I need to pick up a dessert (pie, cake and/or cookies would all be fine) this week for a group dinner. Not really looking for anything elaborate or over-the-top in price like Dean & DeLuca. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I really like Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center. I don't think they sell entire pies or cakes, but they've got some great cookies. The cookies are huge, though. And there's also Ruby et Violette for more normal-sized cookies.

    1. With cost a consideration( since Bouchon and Ruby et Violette are pricey) some suggestions are Poseidon Bakery at 629 9th/45th. I enjoy their fruit filled phyllo pastries as well as the traditional Greek sweets. Very reasonable prices. Closed Sundays and Mondays. For something different but fun -the the cream puffs at Choux Factory at 865 1st Ave/48th. The downtown location offered freshly made mini cream puffs for $1 as well as the regular sized for around $3. Maybe the same deal at this location. Also the Treat Truck usually stops by midtown at 45th /6th. Great tasting at a good price. Check their website at for their weekly schedule. Close by your original location and inexpensive is the New York Cheesecake Co, (8th/52nd)which offers a wide variety of pastries. Quality is ok-need too choose carefully.Buttercup Bakeshop at 2nd/51-52nd is close to your location. See website for menu and prices at I've only tried their cupcakes.

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        Wow, I've never heard of the Treat Truck. What a neat idea! Is there much of a line mid-day? Anything in particular that you would recommend (or not)? Are the cookies kind of standard size, say, about like a Chips Ahoy cookie (gag)?

      2. A couple of places in midtown west are an Amy's Bread location (can get pastries or cookies) on 9th avenue around 46th st, or the Little Pie Company, on 43rd between 9th and 10th Ave. Have only had the breads from Amy's Bread, not the pastries. NY Cheesecake from Little Pie Co is quite good, and the Sour Cream Apple Pie is their bestseller. They also have a location in Grand Central, lower terminal.

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          Just wanted to warn you guys that if you're planning on going to Little Pie Company, you should call before going to see if it's open. There were some Department of Health stickers on the door.

          And Treats Truck is a good choice. The cookies are Chips Ahoy size and not bad. I like the caramel creme sandwich and sugar dot. The butterscotch brownies and the espresso brownies (a special -- she doesn't always have it) are great as well. The owner is a doll, and it's such a pleasant experience.

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            Fantastic. Thanks, Miss Needle. Always nice to support what seems to be an independently-owned local business!

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            I like Amy's Bread too. I have tried their Lemon Moussline Cake and Red Velvet Cake and both were good. The ones I bought were pre-sliced and I was worried that they might be dried up. However, they turned out to be nice and moist and the frostings had good flavor too. I think their Sticky Buns and lowfat applesauce doughnuts are also decent.