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Jun 22, 2008 07:41 AM

Good deli between Burbank and Dodger Stadium

I just want a great turkey sandwich on great rye to take to a baseball game. Why is that so hard?

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  1. Eastside Market Deli is best known for its hot sloppy sandwiches -- meatballs or sausage with peppers, hot roast beef or pastrami -- but they do cold sandwiches as well. Not sure about rye bread, since almost all of their sub-style sandwiches are made on Italian rolls. Also, not open on Sunday. They would be pretty convenient, located near the side of Chinatown.

    Langer's would be an obvious choice, with its marvelous double-baked rye. I always get the hot pastrami, and the only other sandwich I recall ever seeing a dining companion select is the brisket. But I'd bet they slice their turkey from a real bird. The sandwich would probably be on the expensive side, and a bit out of the way on Alvarado and 7th alongside MacArthur Park, but they do offer phone-in curb pick-up. Alas, I think they are closed on Sunday as well.

    Others can correct me, but another possibility might be Nick's, up on North Spring to the Northeast of Chinatown. Very informal diner, gravel parking area, frequented by lots of law enforcement. Known for their ham -- dense, flavorful, meaty, served grilled with eggs or on sandwiches -- the real thing. Don't know if their turkey would be anywhere similar in quality or if it comes from a loaf or package, and their rye bread is undoubtedly storebought. Doubt they are open on Sunday.

    Phillippe's? The only thing more dry than their roast beef is their turkey, and if you get it dipped for the flavor and moisture it is going to be a gloppy mess by the time you get to the stadium. The pork or lamb are the dip sandwiches to order there, and much of the appeal is the nostalgia factor (and the hot mustard and lemonade). Sandwiches too skimpy and pricey to recommend for stadium sneak-in.

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      I often bring Philippe's to a Dodgers game, as do probably hundreds of others based upon the apparel of people in there about an hour or so before gametime. It's quite easy, actually (and you don't have to sneak it in). They'll give you the jus on the side, so your sandwich doesn't get very soggy beforehand

      But it's not a turkey on rye.

      Your best bet, between Burbank & the stadium, just might be the Astro Family Restaurant at Glendale Blvd. & Fletcher Dr. It's a classic coffee shop. They have fresh turkey. They have rye bread. Not great rye (it's a softer rye usually used for patty melts), but it will do. Easy to swing by on the way to the game.

    2. I think the best deli in that radius is Billy's in downtown Glendale, a very old-fashioned deli (think Canter's with better food but without the flashers in the bathroom). Not as good as Langer's, but more convenient to your traveling area.

      The municipal lot just north of the deli on Orange takes validations.

      Menu PDF at:

      Billy's Delicatessen
      216 N Orange St, Glendale, CA 91203

      1. Paradise Pastry in Glendale has a really nice deli case. I always get hungry when I walk by it. I've never had a turkey on rye from there, but I bet that they could make a great sandwich for you with all the things they have there. In addition, they bake bread and have a variety of tasty pastries. If you want a quick snack, I recommend the pirashkis (sp?). These are fried bread pockets stuffed with potato, cabbage or meat. They are so good.

        Paradise is easily accessible from the 5 freeway. You could get your stuff in 15 minutes, and then hop back on the freeway towards Dodger Stadium.

        Paradise Pastry
        1825 W Glenoaks Blvd, Glendale, CA

        1. Canter's Deli is now at Dodger Stadium. Is that so hard?