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Jun 22, 2008 06:30 AM

Chinatown to Chelsea Market-how far?

We're taking friends to Chinatown this week and they also want to go to Chelsea Market for some food stuff. We're taking the ferry over from NJ to Chinatown. How far is Chelsea Market from Chinatown and what's the best way to get there? Thanks, Amy

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  1. amyr, if its a nice day you can walk it and pass thru some of the lovely neighborhoods in between: Soho, the Village, West Village etc. The only problem is that you may get diverted into the many shops in between. It's not more than a couple of miles... Enjoy!

    1. Chinatown is getting bigger all the time. If you are at the NW corner of Chinatown, say, Mott and Broome, you can walk to the Chelsea Market in 45 to 60 minutes. But if you are going to East Broadway you have to add another 30 minutes to the trip.

      1. If you choose to take the subway:

        From Canal St & 6th Ave (about a 10-15-minute walk west down Canal from more central areas of Chinatown), you can take a 5-10 min ride on the A, C, or E train uptown to 14th St & 8th Ave (Chelsea Market is on 9th Ave between 15th &16th Sts).


        From Canal St & Lafayette St in Chinatown, you can take the 6 train uptown to 14th St (Union Square) then transfer to the L train, which runs west crosstown to 14th St & 8th Ave.


        If you're closer to East Broadway and Canal, take the F uptown to 14th St (& 6th Ave), then transfer to the L westbound to 14th St & 8th Ave.

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        1. hi amyr. we live right by the chelsea market & often walk down to chinatown. get out your walking shoes it's a good walk, but it has lots of worthwhile foodie distractions along the way no matter what path you take. for example, after chinatown stop in despana and dipaolo's in little italy/soho. so i'd say walk it -- have fun!

          1. Thanks everyone for the info. We'll be in the area of Little Italy-Mott St. so if it's a nice day we'll attempt the walk. Amy

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              Yup, two miles from Canal and Mott (depending on the route you take, of course)

              If subway, uptown 6 train at Canal to 14th Street then L train west to 8th Avenue
              B/D at Grand to West 4th Street, switch to A/C/E.

              1. re: NYChristopher

                I agree with the walking suggestion. It's still possible to get some of the flavor of the neighborhoods on the way to Chelsea Market. Walk down Sullivan or Thompson. There are still some vestiges of the old Village. Also, walking is the environmentally friendly thing to do!