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Unwanted knife disposal.

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I'm in the process of moving. I have an old set of cheap dull knives (wooden handles) that are pretty much useless. When I took them to get sharpened they told me at the store it wasn't worth it and I'd be better off buying a set of knives at a supermarket. I don't necessarily want to "throw them out with the trash" or leave them on the street with other unwanted items. I would donate them, but they're so dull. How do I get rid of them in a safely?http://www.chow.com/images/add_new_to...

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  1. I'm glad you asked this question....I too have several really old knives to dispose of. In our town we are alllowed to take certain items, like batteries, TV sets, etc., to the City Yard on designated days. I suppose I'll be phoning that dept. to find out how to get rid of these knives. Thanks for reminding me!

    1. I always see old knives at thrift shops. I'm sure they would be glad to take them and resell them

      1. Why not throw them out with the trash? Put them in a box or something so they don't tear through the bag and cut someone. Or just chuck 'em into a dumpster.

        People donate worse things than dull knives to thrift shops all the time. Someone may have a use for them. Like learning how to sharpen knives without fear of screwing up their good ones.

        1. I just disposed of an old cleaver this way: I wrapped it in pieces of heavy cardboard, and taped the cardboard around so that no edge was exposed and it would protect the sanitation workers who might be injured when handling a trash bag. It might not be the best way to get rid of them, but it seems like this was sensible because it was wrapped safely.

          1. I would go the thrift store route. They will take them.

            1. Sell them on EBay. People will buy anything.

              1. Find a local recycling center that collects scrap metal.

                1. many shelters accept old kitchenware so that they can give a box of assorted basic pot pan knife board plate cup strainer wood spoon to families or individuals who are transitioning from the shelter to housing & need to start a whole new household from absolute scratch. oftentimes this can mean the difference between being able to eat at home at all-- if you have *nothing* to prepare a meal with, you can't cook for yourself, and it can take months for an impoverished family to build up the most basic kitchen batterie-- when they also need to spend money on new bills, food, clothing, laundry, toiletries etc. you may see your old knives as virtually worthless, but they may be able to fill a gap for someone else. if they are really so dull and damaged that they are dangerous, i'd scrap them. these places also very much appreciate the donation of old can openers, odd saucepans, you get the idea.

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                    That's a super idea SK.... I never would have thought of that!

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                      I completly agree with SK or with the idea of the Salvation Army etc. A lot of people donate their time and I can probably grind an edge on even the worst knife. There are a lot of people out there with next to nothing. Recycling is perhaps the greenest thing we can do and it may yield a tax deduction for you at the end of ther year!

                    2. If there is a Freecycle in your area, put them up on that.

                      No need to add to the landfills!

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                        People who work at the recycle wear very thick rubber coated work gloves so they can grab broken glass in a hurry. By comparrison a dull knife is minimal hassle....and often steel is caugt by a magnetic sorter.

                        Goodwill,Salvation Army etc want items that are sellable. What's not sellable goes in a dumpster they have to pay for. If their is a homeless program and the cutlery isn't total junk-that's best. If the knives are pretty trashed or useless..recycle bin.

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                          We recycle unwanted or damaged knives. If knives are salvageable we sharpen them and give them to schools, churches, etc for free. If the knives are broken and not serviceable we take them to a recycler. For more information please contact Bob at sharpestcut4y@gmail.com