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Where to eat with parents next Friday in Manhattan

Hello all-

My folks are coming up to the city next weekend, and I'm looking for options for Friday evening. On Wednesday, we are eating up north in Newburgh (where I live) and going for mainly seafood. On Thursday, mom and dad are getting Italian at a pre-theatre restaurant. So, we've got Friday open.

Mom likes very simple food - no sushi, or anything too far off the beaten path. Dad likes pretty much everything. I'd like to keep the bill within reason, so probably am not interested in any of the pricey steakhouses or super-fancy French restaurants. Perhaps something like a French Bistro, or maybe some good Greek.

They're staying by Grand Central Station, but we could go anywhere from there.

Any suggestions would greatly help. I know there are tons of options.

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  1. Artisanal (French bistro, lots of wonderful cheeses) and Ethos (good Greek) are not too far from Grand Central. Either would work.

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      I second Artisinal. Great food and not too pricey. I'm sure everyone can find something that will satisfy their palate.

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        Second Ethos, for sure. Artisanal always has problems with their A/C.


      2. try bar Boulud or DB bistro modern for French bistro. It's pretty good.
        For greek, Milos is a safe bet.

        1. Bar Boulud is very good for bistro classics. Marseille is a brasserie serving excellent French and Moroccan food.

          1. El Pote, on 2nd at around 29th, is about a ten minute walk from Grand Central. Homey, Spanish food in a classic, parent-friendly atmosphere.

              1. Sorry to be 'that guy' but I think douglas 525 meant to say that El Pote is around 39th (not 29th). And it is worth the trip - but then again so is El Parador on 34th between 1&2.
                I also agree with those who recommended Artisanal.

                There's also a very cozy and reasonable french Bistro called Cosette on 33rd between Lex & 3rd - it's like stepping into a tiny piece of Paris.

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                1. What about homey/tasty Savoy? http://www.savoynyc.com/ or if you want a New Yorky type experience, what about L'il Frankies for pies and pastsa?

                  1. Cookshop would be a good option. The prices are within reason and it's simple, american cuisine. The food is kind of a local "barnyard" cuisine and I know my parents always love it when they are in town.

                    1. Thanks everyone - I made reservations at Artisanale - I'm a sucker for cheese and cheese courses!

                      I'll let you know how it goes.

                      1. gramercy tavern for excelent new american!

                        1. simple ,,, that's meat and potatoes. Go to Keene's they'll like it