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Jun 22, 2008 04:40 AM

Too many needs, Marche?

We have a small group with one very picky eater. Thinking of going to Marche to try and please everyone. Will be on spadina at St Vladimir. Should we go to the one at the BCE? Where is there parking around there?

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  1. What won't the picky eater eat?

    You're already so close to so many decent restaurants. It seems a shame that you would have to go all the way to Marche AND deal with parking.

    You're a good friend to accommodate.

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    1. re: Zengarden

      Had a good recommendation for Boul Cafe, but now looked at the menu and she probably won't eat anything. She is older, traditional. Kind of likes bland food like plain roasted chicken and fries. The rest of us like a variety - raw oysters and fish, ethnic cuisine, etc. That's why we thought Marche might be good, she can have her bland chicken and fries; we can have whatever we want. BUT, where is there to park?

      1. re: itryalot

        You can park in the Commerce Court parking lot off of Wellington. I think it's about $7.50 on the weekend. Marche is in BCE, so you can park there too. Not sure what the $ is on the weekend there.
        There's also an outdoor lot on Yonge, south of Front on the east side. The price there varies depending on what events are going on at the Air Canada Centre.
        Another option is, if you can get it, there is street parking on Front just west of Yonge, near the entrance to BCE/Marche.

        p.s. it's not really Marche anymore, but Richtree - and I agree with others that it's rather blah, but it doesn't sound like you are going there because you think it will be great.

        1. re: itryalot

          At least in the evenings, Richtree (Marche) will validate BCE place parking - not sure if they'll do it during the day, though. Worth asking. Back to Boulevard Cafe, I really would say the chicken kebab with potatoes is quite an easy set of flavours - my niece, who went through a teen-age picky phase that eliminated most foods from her repertoire for a while, was always happy to eat these. On the other end of the spectrum, there's always Swiss Chalet...:)

          1. re: peppermint pate

            no, they don't during the day and it's really really expensive to park there (I used to work in the building). They only validate it 1/2 even at night.

          2. re: itryalot

            That's a real bummer that you don't think she'd deal with the chicken brochettes at Boulevard Cafe. Does she do sandwiches? They have a chicken sandwich with sliced, grilled chicken. And while the regular menu does not show french fries, they do have them on the kids menu, so they are definitely available. Would she eat a burger and fries there? The lunch menu also has a monte cristo, which is a ham and cheese sandwich, dipped in egg and grilled like french toast.

        2. Jules is a pretty little French place at Spadina and Richmond. The bland eater could probably get a very nice roast chicken with frites, while the rest of you would at least have some decent dining options. Marche is, IMHO, pretty bad, and it seems a shame that all of you should have to eat not-so-great food to please just one of your party. I agree that you're a good friend.

          PS - I have no idea where you'd park to go to Jules, perhaps the lot at Queen and Peter?

          1. Another plea not to go to Marche - don't do it!!

            Perhaps Serra on Bloor just west of Spadina would work - pretty decent pizzas and paninis and way better than Marche any day. In my experience Italian is something most picky eaters can deal with.

            Another options would be Midi Bistro at McCaul and College ( - they would have lots of choices for a picky eater and I think you can reserve at lunch.

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            1. re: Cat123

              Id second serra, its nothing spectacular, but for the price, Ive always been satisfied with my meals there

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. If you're willing to travel uptown (Yonge, north of Davisville), Quince does a really lovely roast chicken. It comes with a delicious quinoa salad, but that could be substituted with frites for your picky friend. There's parking on side streets and on Yonge.

                Also, can't find the menu online, but if I remember correctly, Delux on Ossington (b/w Dundas and Queen) also does roast chicken (and their frites are vrey yummy).