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Jun 22, 2008 02:57 AM

Pantry? WTF?

so many people talk about the pantry in downtown.
when i went there two days ago, we took a party of 8 and i have to say that the only thing that the pantry was consistent at was making bad food.
i mean, i dont understand what all the talk/hype is about. denny's has a better menu and better tasting food at half the cost.
we tried the pancake, french toast, rotisserie chicken, country fried steak, philly cheese steak sandwich. the philly was the best dish but that was sub-par at best. the rotisserie chicken was extremely dry and the dish would of tasted better if it were raw.
so seriously, wtf is up with all the hype?
i need to know this.
place is garbage!

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  1. " wtf is up with all the hype? is garbage! "

    I couldn't agree more.

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    1. re: RicRios

      And I'm forgetting: CASH ONLY. Gimme a break!

    2. I agree. I think Langer's makes a way, way better breakfast.

      1. You Got the Wrong Things. For Breakfast You have to go for the Ham Steak & Eggs. Huge ham Slice bigger than your plate. For the rest of the time You have to stick to the Meats. They are know for the Steaks. Too bad you didn't have a good experience.

        1. I actually like the pantry for Breakfast. The egg dishes, home style potatoes ( well done ) bacon, and ham, or ham steak are all tasty in my book. The Buckwheat Pancakes and Sour Dough Toast ( ask for it dry or the pile on the oil when they toast it on the grill ) are all standouts as well. I like the old world vibe and I personally sit at the counter when I am alone. Best spot when your seeking a heavy breakfast.

          1. the hype = it's old, has original design elements, and is open 24 hours. it's claim to fame was that it was the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the city . . . i think even during the 1992 riots (not sure why that's a claim to fame for a restaurant, but whatever). it was purportedly better before mayor reardon bought it - but i don't agree with that.

            the food = bad, at best.

            it's vibe = old la and i guess decent for a 3 a.m. snack and coffee. otherwise, stay away.