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Daily Deals in Calgary

I have some younger cousins staying with me for a week or so. They're in their early 20's and haven't quite developed a discerning taste yet. What does this mean? It means that usually their choices are more influenced by quantity rather than quality, leaving me in a bit of a quandary when I take them out too eat.

I thought about this for a bit and came up with a possible compromise. Many restaurants offer up specials on their menu on certain days of the week. These specials offer up some decent food at an excellent value. For example, the burgers at Murph's Pub on Mondays, 1410 Bier Haus on 17th Ave has their pizza special on Tuesdays and the former Block Sixteen had a steak special on Wednesdays. I doubt any restaurant would have any specials for Fridays or Saturdays, but you never know either.

Does anything else come to mind? Hopefully, this will help me avoid the fast-food chains and also expose my younger family members to better dinig establishments. Thanks!

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  1. Southern Spice has a Madras Masala Dosa special ($5!) on Wednesdays. They also have (in my experience) unlimited refills on filler on their Thali's. Tropika has cheap Satay from Monday-Thursday. Bow Bulgogi has lots of food at great value for their lunch special. More details on Southern Spice and Bow Bulgogi are available on the blog listed in my profile.

    I would also take them to Lloyds for patties (2 bucks each... if they could eat 4 or 5, i'd be amazed). Bookers on Sundays and Mondays has all you can eat Snow Crab. Most Indian restaurants at lunch have all you can eat Buffets - several Thai restaurants (Thai Boat on Wednesdays, Ruan Thai and Rose Garden every day at lunch) do as well. Classic Jacks has 5.99 mussels (usually fairly good as well) on Fridays - plus the atmosphere would appeal to those in their early 20's.

    Great thread though - i look forward to learning of more specials that arent hot wing, dry ribs, and mini burger related.

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      Wow! Lots of great options already.

      And if I may add, fantastic blog!!! I've already added it to my bookmarks and will be checking it out regularly. Please keep up your great work. Thanks!

    2. You must have read my mind... I was thinking about starting a thread with this same topic.

      Here's a site that's a start, but it's also quite lacking, and includes a lot of "daily specials" that seem to fall on every day of the week:

      Also, if you're into wings, there's always www.hotwings.ca (some listings are fairly outdated, but there's a few good ones in there).

      Not too many others I can think of right off the top of my head... Kilkenny's has 1.25 oysters and 5.99 lb mussels on tuesday night. Stavro's on 4th St NW has 1/2 price pizza on Wednesday... definitely not the place you'd go for ambiance, but the pizza is pretty good. Bootlegger's in the NE has 1/2 price entrees on Saturdays (although I haven't been there for a while, so you might want to double-check).

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        Great link Strider..thanks for that. Im hoping to hear from more people too on this. What a great idea for a thread (wish i had thought of it!)

      2. Amsterdam Rhino has their "team platter" on for $9.99 (it's $25 on the menu) for happy hour, I'm not sure if it's everyday or but, but it is on Wednesdays anyway. Broken City is still reasonable for food as well - their new menu is pretty decent pub food. Theirs always Fiore on 17th - not the greatest food but for the price it's decent - I forget which days their pasta is on - I think Monday/Tuesday it's $7 for most of their pasta dishes.

        The Surya buffet on Monday and Wednesday nights is good value too - not as spicy as it could be but still delicious.

        1. I agree with Yen this is a great thread but why aren't there more posts? Let's start this again.

          I actually like Uncle Moe's Donairs. Mondays he has Chicken donalrs or 4.75 Wednesdays he has beef donairs for 3.75 and Fridays he has Fafafel for 2.75.

          I heard someone liked Joey's Only for all you can eat fish and chips on Tuesdays.

          Starting Nov Aji Ichiban has 20 per off everything on the menu on Tuesdays.

          Pebble Street has "tea time specials" . They have a list of dishs for 7.95 for 230 to i think 530 whenever one has tea time.

          Anyone know of good specials?

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            Fantastic pizzas at 1410 Bier Haus are only $7.99 on Tuesdays. Crazy deal. Try the Spolumbo's Special!

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              you said the magic words pizza and Spolumbo.. I am so there. Thks JM

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              Sometimes I wonder about places that deals. If it's a cheaper price do you get less than the normal amount or is that day they get rid of stuff?

              We went to Aji Ichiban for the 20 per cent off Tuesday. We had 3 special rolls House special, Rainbow and dynamite. We also had the misosoup, tea and assorted tempura.

              I remember the tempura wasn't very good last time so I thought I would give it another try. The tempura is something I definitely would not order here. The tempura heavy, oily, and refried. The price for 3 tiny pieces of veggies and 3 shrimp is 7.95. Even with 20% it's pretty pricey. Rainbow roll is my SO's favorite. It's ordered everywhere we go and dynmite rolls is my roll that I like to order. The rolls themselves are average. The best of the 3 was actually the house roll. The house roll had salmon, crab,cucumber, avocado and sweet egg and topped with orange roe. Now that's what I am expecting from all the rolls. These rolls actually didn't have a printed price on the menu. The salmon is the pieces were a bit fatty. The miso soup was lukewarm and uninspiring. In all, after the 20 percent we still spent almost 50 which is pretty much the same as when we went there the first time. I think we'll have to go with another place next time.

            3. The Regal Beagle locations have 25-cent wing nights on Mon and Wed and 25-cent rib nights on Tues and Thurs. IMHO, they have the best salt & pepper wings in town. I wasn't crazy about the other flavours as much. Salt & pepper all the way at the Beagle!

              Big Fish has Two for One Oysters by the Dozen on Monday nights. I haven't tried it out yet. I've been meaning to. We're talking about raw oysters here, of course.

              1. Yes... this thread was a great idea if I do say so myself ... lol :p

                An addition to this thread: a friend invited me for sushi at Sakana grill Chinatown. Apparently, they have a discounted menu available after 9 pm every night, including their Love Boat and Love Boat Deluxe.

                Now I personally feel that the words "sushi" and "discount" should never be put together, but I happen to know that this same friend also likes Sushi Zipang and Globefish as their top sushi places, so they have decent taste, IMO. It also helps that said friend has also worked behind the sushi bar in the past.

                I declined, but I think I may just try it at a later date. Will take a shot of Pepto Bismol before dinner. ;)

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                  Oh yeah I do remember and we have tried their love boat delux on discount. It was pretty good a year ago. I think they also discount before the dinner rush too around 4. Not too sure if that is still in place though.

                2. Another great pizza deal is Monday Night @ F.A.T.S - 1/2 Price Pizzas from their regular pizza menu (not on their deluxe pizzas anymore, unfortunately). Haven't been there in a while though, so you may want to call & confirm.

                  Also on Monday, Rusty Cage South has $1.75 appetizers from a set menu (I think there's 8 or 10 items). They also have the best wings in the city and they are $0.20 each on Wednesdays & Sundays (both locations).

                  And there's also that cheap pasta deal @ Chianti's - $7.99 pasta dishes Sun-Tues

                  1. One of my favorites is the Black Sheep west coast pub on elbow drive. Great spot and I've never been let down. www.hotwings.ca has them ranked #1, and the urbanspoon.com also voted them a high %90. That's my vote for #1. I found another little joint on Ogden road - terrible location and not so cozy atmosphere - but the wings were creative and very good. Give them a try... if you can find them. I mapped it on the hotwings site - but i still had a hard time finding it.

                    1. Oh my gosh--thank you for starting this thread! I want to try out so many of the new places I learned about now! Perfect for a cheapskate who likes food such as myself. :o)

                      My contribution: Lunchbox (takeout) at China Rose in the NE is about $5.99 (might have been $6.99) last time I was there. They also have a dinner box for about the same price. They give you a lot of food and you get 3 options. They are very accomodating if you want something that's not on their "box" menu.

                      Chianti's in the NE also has specials on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

                      Reef N' Beef steak sandwich with fries for $5.75 at lunch.

                      Quynh Vietnamese Cuisine has lunch specials on weekdays for $9.99. Includes salad roll, drink, and vermicelli bowl topped with meat of the day.

                      Oliver Green restaurant and bar in Dover (where Perry's Point of View used to be) has wing and pizza buffets and pancake buffets. Unfortunately, I am unsure of when they are all offered, but we went there last Sunday night and the pizza and wing buffet started about 5:30, I think. I didn't have it, but it looked decent, and I am not sure, but I think the price was around $7.