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Jun 21, 2008 11:41 PM

[PHX] Arizona Restaurant Week

Are people excited or looking forward to Arizona Restaurant Week? Slated for Sept. 20-26.

So, I believe these following establishments have signed up for the 3-course meal deal:

Don and Charlie's
The Greene House
Olive & Ivy
Roaring Fork
Ruth's Chris (on Scottsdale Road
)Sol y Sombra
Zinc Bistro

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  1. You bet - at $29 for a 3 course meal.

    1. I can't wait! This is a great excuse to try some new places. I hope more places sign up though - especially non-chain places.

      1. Ambivalent.

        Glad that it's starting up, but wish the list wasn't so dominated by Fox Empire establishments.

        That said, if I'm in town that week, I might hit a couple of places I haven't tried yet. Could be a good excuse to arrange a hound gathering or two. :-)