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Jun 21, 2008 11:02 PM

Authentic Jewish deli food in Bergen County

Having a craving for a REAL pastrami or corned beef sandwich, with maybe a square potato on the side and mustard...or maybe one of those crunchy hot dogs. But something! Anywhere left to get such a thing in Bergen? Especially in Western Bergen (near Fairlawn, Ridgewood, etc.) - thanks!

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  1. There sure is! The Kosher Nosh in Glen Rock is great. The best Jewish deli in the area. They have take out and sit down areas. They're on Prospect Street, just past the Fair Lawn border, in the strip mall with Bottle King (on the other side of the strip). They are not cheap, ( a typical sandwich is now close to $10, and they've raised their prices quite a bit over the past couple of years) but they are delicious. Make sure you ask for some full sour pickles to accompany your sandwich! And they have hot dogs and lots of knishes too. (Is that what you meant by "square potato"?)

    Also excellent Jewish deli is Petak's in Fair Lawn. A bit cheaper than Kosher Nosh, and still fantastic, but a hair less delicious than Kosher Nosh. It's about a mile and a half away from the Kosher Nosh, on Fair Lawn Ave. This strip also has a kosher pizza place and a kosher bakery (Zadie's) that makes the most incredible fruit and chocolate danishes. (One is enough for three people!)

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      Another option is the Manhattan Deli on Chestnut Ridge Road in Montvale. Good flavorful pastrami.

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        Thank you! Kosher Nosh is the closest to my house so I will probably start there and if the craving continues, head to the other recommendations :-)

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          I still prefer Foster Village Kosher Delicatessen in Bergenfield for my Pastrami, Tongue and Corned Beef, but here are a few pictures of Harold's II Pastrami Sandwich. This is from their Wednesday Lunch Special for $5.95, regularly priced at $6.95.