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Jun 21, 2008 11:00 PM

CakeLove in Tysons Corner


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  1. Sorry--I don't know what happened--tried to write a message but instead it posted as empty.

    I was at Tysons Corner on Saturday and was pleased to find that CakeLove is now there. Since I've read about, I have been eager to try it. I got 2 cupcakes, one that was "coffee on vanilla" and the other was "raspberry on chocolate". Two cupcakes cost $6.15.

    My husband had the "raspberry on chocolate" and raved about it. He usually is reluctant to eat cupcakes because they can be sickeningly sweet. I really liked the "coffee on vanilla". We both agreed that the frosting flavor wasn't very strong which is good since it doesn't end up overpowering the cake flavor. For example, I thought the coffee frosting was much like having a cup of coffee with lots of cream and not too much sugar (just enough to sweeten it). We both liked the cake part---it was dense without being too dense (if that makes sense).

    Next time I'm at Tysons, I plan to try other varieties. I didn't get any cake slices but they certainly looked tempting. No doubt, they are as good as the cupcakes. For those on gluten-free diets, they did have a "vanilla on vanilla" gluten-free cupcake.

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    1. re: MizYellowRose

      Quick question- is the CakeLove located in one of the malls, or in the Tyson's area? Thanks!

      1. re: gyozagirl

        nm, found it on their website (duh :-)) can't wait to try it out there, since it's harder for me to get to the U Street location.

    2. I noticed the Cake Love place in Tysons corner last week also. I tried the raspberry cake, called something like Susan's cake. It had raspberry buttercream with real raspberries in it and yellow cake. Very tasty. My mom had a slice of lemon, which was good, but not as good as the raspberry, somehow the buttercream worked better with raspberries than the lemon. In the interest of research I bought a cupcake to take home, chocolate with vanilla icing. Not that good, surprisingly. The cake was a bit dry and the vanilla buttercream not very flavorful. I did not let it get to room temp, as they suggest, so perhaps the chocolate flavor would emerge, but there was very little chocolate taste in the cupcake. But I might try some flavors.

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      1. re: geling

        you really, really, really need to let the frosting get to temperature. otherwise it's just a dry and greasy cupcake, and probably the #1 reason for any cakelove backlash.

        1. re: Culocho

          My beef with cakelove is that your average supermarket baked cupcake is more enjoyable and cheaper than anything produced by cakelove. I've never felt the cakelove.

          1. re: Culocho

            ^^Yeah, I let it come to room temperature - it still sucked. Sorry.

            1. re: beauxgoris

              Well, I'm sure that opening more Cakeloves will improve the quality of their product. Isn't that how it usually works?

              Do not understand the appeal of this place.

        2. I just saw something for CakeLove's next new location. It will be at the National Harbor.

          1. well if your love for unnatural ingredients is that high, then i suppose supermarket cupcakes would be better.

            sorry but i know firsthand that cakelove only uses the best and natural ingredients, so if that doesnt suit your taste, a cheap cupcake with modified ingredients would be for you!

            cakelove is amazing. they don't use icing but rather a buttercream. i highly recommend the carrot cake cupcakes and strawberry shortcake!! the one in downtown silver spring is the one i go to.

            and the quality is good and fresh as well. the cupcakes are fresh and obviously they have to refrigerate the cupcake because it uses buttercream. to one hater of cakelove, there will be 10 more lovers

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            1. re: claudngo

              Are you talking about the new Cakelove in Tysons or the original downtown? Because if it's the latter, I think the correct ratio is 10 Cakehaters for every 1 Cakelover.

              Just goes to show you can use the best ingredients and still come up with a dry product.


              1. re: monkeyrotica

                I totally agree with monkeyrotica. I think it isn't the quality of the ingredients that really matters, it's the end result. I found my cupcakes from Cakelove to be terrible.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  Just came back from the one in Tysons Corner mall and I agree.
                  Just don't understand what all the hype is about them. I would make
                  a bet with anyone if I took my own cupcakes in the mall and bought
                  some of theirs and sat at the tables in front of their place and asked
                  people to taste test them, that mine would win.

                2. re: claudngo

                  Not sure about the ratio of lovers to haters but I don't care for them. I'd rank Baked & Wired, Georgetown Cupcake, and Just Cakes all well above Cakelove and they all use quality, fresh ingredients as well.

                  1. re: slwh

                    Ugh, I went to the one in Silver Spring today. On the cash register was a notice that they've raised prices. Each cupcake is now $3.25 (or was it $3.50?) ea. I had them room temp (which you have to otherwise it's like eating a stick of butter frosting wise) - but they just weren't good. The chocolate cake was a pale light brown color, no depth or punch of chocolate cake. The frosting also lacked a chocolate "taste". The vanilla berry was okay - again the cake was thick and DRY, not moist or light at all. The only frosting worth mentioning is the berry/vanilla - which was okay, but again - not great. I'm all for natural ingredients, but I don't think just because it's natural = that it's an excuse for a cupcake that lacks flavor, texture or color. Also these cupcakes are TINY! I don't know if anyone else has been to Tate's bakery on Long Island (southampton, ny) but their cupcakes are huge and delicious and only $3.00 for TWICE the amount of cake and frosting, and the 'Hampton's usually is not the place to find a value. I would pay the price for a good product, but cakelove just doesn't do it for me. Sorry.

                    1. re: beauxgoris

                      Was NOT impressed w/ cakelove cupcakes either! Dry cake, frozen icing.

                      1. re: chicken kabob

                        We tried the Tyson's mall location on Sunday - first time eating one of their cupcakes and I hate to say it but we were underwhelmed too. We tried 4 - vanilla on vanilla, choc on vanilla, choc on choc, and vanilla on choc. I waited 20 min. for the first one to come to room temp - even though they said 5-15. Definitely still cold in places. Had the promise of moistness in the cake but also some awfully dry parts. The icing was just not for me - consistency, flavor, aftertaste weren't that great. We waited a good 30 min. later on the day to try 2 more. Slightly better (no cold spots). But still disappointing. I can appreciate their use of all natural ingredients in theory, but I guess their version is just not what I prefer out of a cupcake . . . .

                3. I am not one to EVER throw away a cupcake but am sad to say that when I tried a vanilla/vanilla one I had 2 bites and the rest was in the garbage. Parts were crunchy...not sure what that would be and the icing was like sugary crisco. Sadly disappointed =(

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                  1. re: m25111

                    Then how are they selling more and more cupcakes if they're so bad? Who loves them so much? This is not good for them... I tried the Silver Spring one when they opened and though my cupcake was overpriced for what I got, and just mediocre tasting. I don't want to have to wait 20 minutes to eat something so it will taste right. I eat chocolate chip cookies that I make, frozen right out of the freezer after I make a batch and freeze them. They still taste great, frozen. As does other baked goods I stick in the freezer and then eat frozen. No problem. But for Cakelove's cupcakes, I have to wait 15+ minutes for it to be edible? Uh uh... I'll stick with Georgetown Cupcake that we love. You can eat them... right out of the store! No problem with waiting. How could one wait anyway? We get the gingerbread cupcakes - SO good.