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Jun 21, 2008 10:21 PM

Mission Bay SD for 1 night

I'm flying in from Seattle to SD for business, only there for 1 night and dining solo. I'm looking for something delicious and casual and searches on this board led me to wonder if these would be good choices:

World Famous or Taco Motion for fish tacos
Belgian Fries for

Yay? Nay? Feedback and suggestions please!

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  1. Looks like you might be staying in the Pacific Beach part of town...can you let us know where you are staying and if you have a rental car? Are you specifically looking for fish tacos? My personal opinion (even if you are limited to the PB area) is nay...there are much more interesting places to try (even if you are narrowing it down to fish tacos). Narrow it down for us opinionated CH's.

    1. World Famous has an OK happy hour but, I wouldn't eat dinner there. IMO, the fish tacos are bland and a bit dry, my pick, for fish tacos, would be South Beach Grill on Newport Ave in Ocean Beach.

      1. If you're in the MB area:

        For the pommes frites you should check out Belgian Frie on mission blvd.

        Great fish tacos can be found all over town. The actual fish isn't necessarily that great but as with all Mexican food in SD, it's the style the defines it and separates it from the Mexican food that you find pretty much everywhere in the world outside of Baja/So-Cal.

        World famous has a great view, I love it for breakfast but it also makes a great sunset dinner which might not actually be that enjoyable if you're alone. The food itself is just okay, it's really about the experience at world famous. They do hire a lot of really attractive waitresses though.

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          I would not equate attrative waitress to CH food. Ech! (especially to a woman op) since you are getting few posts I would offer El Pescador in La Jolla for grilled, freshly caught, fish tacos. If you really want the fried experience, there really is Nothing authentic to the original baja fish taco in this vicinity. You need a car and a spirit of discovery to find that. But if you are willing to accept the americanized version I would send you to any Brigantine (Pt. Loma is closest), but the white sauce is ranch dressing and not authentic. South Beach is ok but really a bar and a huge wait/scavenger hunt to get a table (plus same "not authentice" version).

          1. re: stephenlambert

            World Famous, though extremely touristy, does serve an excellent lobster bisque.

            To clarify, Belgian Frie is in Pacific Beach near the corner of Mission Blvd. and Felspar St. The pommes frites and dipping sauces are quite good. Keep in mind they close pretty early, 3 or 4 pm.

            I like South Beach for their lobster tacos and octopus cocktails. They do a good job with their white sauce, and though I rarely order them, they offer Baja style fried pollack tacos as well.

            If the OP has a car, they should consider the scallop sandwich with the addition of shredded letuce at Point Loma Seafood (they close at 6:30 pm).

          2. FF -- I'm also here from Seattle (but for 8 nights, luckily). San Diego is my childhood home. Here was one list that I found helpful

            And here's a great recipe that I've fixed at home

            Good luck!

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            1. re: zoogrrrl

              Thanks, I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Express and will have a rental car. I don't necessarily need fish tacos but thought it might be part of the quintessential San Diego experience. I'm open to adventure, provided I can fit it into 1 dinner :) My only real criteria is great food, nothing fancy (I'm traveling in a pair of jeans...)

              1. re: fromagefraulein

                Since you have a car (smart) and are interested in a non high end food adventure, search the board for our esteemed local hound kare_raisu's amazing latino finds. They will most likely provide you with a chow-worthy experience not available in your home town.