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Jun 21, 2008 10:10 PM

Ann Burrell's new show on FN - June 29

This was previously mentioned on a new shows on FN thread, but seemed to get very little comment. Ann is Mario's sous chef on ICA and like Mario, has extensive experience in Italy and with Italian cooking. She is the exec at Centro Vinoteca and has had several positions in the Batali/Bastianich empire. She might have something interesting to show us - she's obviously a real chef, which puts her several steps above much of the current crop at FN.

FN seems to be relegating her to Sunday mornings, but I'm sure there will be reruns at other times. I'll DVR it anyway, as I'm not going to give up my F1 races or other Sunday morning shows (background to reading the paper)...

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  1. I am thrilled. I was hoping for this, from watching her on IC, her pasta dishes and desserts are always awesome.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. She's definitely got some chops.

      1. Good to know. Her role on Iron Chef actually catches your eye during the show. Definitely will tune in to her. However, wish we had more variety to FN than so much Italian and Italian influenced cooking.

        1. I saw the promo for the first time last night and also thought it looked promising. As long as I don't find out that restaurant secrets have anything to do with semi-homemade secrets...

          1. Definitely giving this one a shot...Ann seems all business on ICA, but the promos look more relaxed and she has a rocker feel...I hope that translates to "relaxed" as opposed to "forced". But yeah, she has the background to really teach something, I'm looking forward to her show.

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              I agree...the promos I saw showed her dancing and stuff....made me slightly less enthusiastic about it, but I still want to see the show. I became somewhat of a fan of hers from seeing her on ICA