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Jun 21, 2008 08:19 PM


I'm from Michigan and live in CA. Recently a cousin and I were trying to track down Minnie's Bologna from Yale. Evidently, that company was sold to C. Roy Inc., (or a similar name). When I tried to find a website for C. Roy to ask if they still made the Minnie's Bologna recipe, I couldn't come up with a contact link.

Does any Chowhound know what I'm talking about? (Yes, it's been a long time -----). Is there such a product as Minnie's Bologna made anymore?

I did find a website for the Pinconning Cheese Co near the Saginaw Bay, another product we loved but can't find here in CA. I can order on-line. Is the cheese still as good as it used to be? And their pickled bologna? And cheese curds? I'm going to have to get my cholesterol levels WAY low before ordering, I think.

Thanks for any clues on Minnie and any updates on Pinconning Cheese.

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  1. Williams cheese is not only out standing it's an absolute steal in price. I stopped at the pinconning store yesterday and stocked up.
    The extra sharp pinconning and horseradish spread are favorites here.

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      I'm confused. When I look at the google map, Williams cheese appears about 25 miles south of Pinconning Cheese. It looks likes Williams sells Pinconning cheese among others --- am I wrong about this?

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        Williams is a few miles South of Pinconning, north of Linwood. Williams makes several different cheeses. They do not sell any cheese they do not make.
        Linwood is about 8 miles south of Pinconning but Williams is just a few miles south of Pinconning right between the two towns.
        If you are headed North on I-75 take the Linwood exit over to 13 then North to Pinconning. You can go straight back over to I-75 from Pinconning so if you are on a road trip this adds very little time. If traveling South on I-75 take the Pinconning exit and do the reverse. :)

    2. Here ya go Eartha! I graduated from Almont in 85, and have fond memories of our family taking a road trip to Yale and stocking up on meats. The trip was not complete without our parents stopping at the Yale bar that was on the corner.....I believe it burned down in the 80's???? Livin in the great Upper Peninsula nowadays! Enjoy!!

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        Lindsey, my Mom was born in the UP and I went there several times as a kid coming from the Pt. Huron area. Miss the pastys in the UP among other things ---- but not the cold weather.

        I miss Minnie's bologna although I never ate much at a time, it was just good when the mood struck me and products out here aren't nearly the same. Pinconning Cheese is something else I'm not been able to match. Simply different but oh, so good. I'm going to order the pickled bologna from Pinconning when I order the cheese.