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Jun 21, 2008 08:10 PM


Hey guys....

I need help! My grandmother is turning 85 next week and she wants Chocolate Italian Ice like my grandfather used to buy for her when they lived in Brooklyn. Not ice cream and not gealto but Italin Ice, like Marino's. I can find Lemon and Cherry, but no choclate! Anyone familiar with the North End seen anything like this?

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  1. I have never seen it before but it sounds fantastic. I have only ever had the chocolate sorbet at Whole Foods and it is very good.

    1. Haven't seen it since I lived in Chicago. I'm sure you could find it on Federal Hill in Providence, less certain about the North End

      1. Most places that I can think of that carry a number of flavors such as Spadafora, resell Richie's. Richie's has coffee, but not chocolate, so that maybe as close as you can get but you could call around anyway. Toscannini's also sometimes offers chocolate-orange sorbet, so that is another possible substitution. In the North End only Polcari's makes it to my knowlege and they only do lemon. It wouldn't hurt to try Formaggio's as they do have some unusual ice creams in their freezer case, but don't think they have chocolate. Lastly you could probably get it fedexed with dry ice from NYC.

        1. Try giving Dolce Freddo in Methuen a call. I know they make almond ice, so they might make up some chocolate for you.

          1. Just a thought: It seems relatively hard to find here, so why not make it yourself? Glancing at online recipes, it appears easy to do & would be such a sweet "homemade" gift!