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what is your rec for a good hk diner dish?

can non diner specific but would prefer a specific dish that you like at a specific diner.

would like to step away from the creamed corn sauce with cod over baked rice for a change.

no bev recs pls bc i cant order anything other than hk milk tea and lemon coke!

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  1. Hainan chicken and rice at:

    Savoy Kitchen
    138 E Valley Blvd
    Alhambra, CA 91801
    (626) 308-9535

    1. I go to RH garden in Rowland Heights, I love their chicken steak with mushroom sauce on rice. You can also go with the grilled pork chop with mushroom sauce on rice, baked portugese chicken, baked or stewed ox tongue, and beef chow fun.

      It's on Fullerton & Colima

      1. Hainan chicken or curry beef at Savoy
        Baked spaghetti w/ meat sauce or any kind of porridge at Sunday Bistro

        1. Curry beef tongue over rice.

          1. Mongolian Beef
            Baked pork chop
            Baked fried rice with calamari
            Ginger conch

            1. Lobster Newburg at Regent Cafe, or else the two-sauce seafood dishes there.

              1. Hong Kong-style waffle with condensed milk.
                Beef stew with wide rice noodles
                XO Sauce Beef Udon

                at Tasty Garden in Arcadia (see http://www.geocities.com/raytamsgv/ch... for more info)

                1. wait, this all sounds divine, what are these places? What is HK,? am I totally out of the loop, here?

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                    Hong Kong style diner's. A riff on American food with a bit of a Chinese twist.

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                      oohhhhyum! Which one should I try first? Does that weird wine bar where the Japanese servers dress as French Maids count?

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                        Try Regent on Garfield in Monterey Park.

                        No the wine bar don't count.

                        Regent Cafe
                        1411 S Garfield Ave, Alhambra, CA 91801

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                          I passed by Regent Cafe last weekend, and it's no longer. I can't remember what it's called now, or what they serve. Ack!

                          1. re: silleehillee

                            Nooooooo!! Maybe they have been too generous with their refills of Yin Yang (coffee tea combo drink). Or their portions may have been too big. But for a late night cheap snack it's my go to place.

                  2. Dzyalo,

                    Your creamed corn sauce with cod over baked rice sounds real yummy. On a 1-10 scale what's it rate? And where can I get it? TIA.

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                      I would try
                      Sika's Cafe
                      301 E Valley Blvd
                      Alhambra, CA 91801
                      (626) 282-8899

                      Their quality has been consistly great, especially the Chicken Cutlet with Garlic Sauce, my husband (an nonadventurous eater) swore its the best he had. I usually take the chop chop with rice baked in tomato sauce (which is another HK standard)