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Jun 21, 2008 07:50 PM

Bagels in JH?

Is there a decent place to buy bagels in JH? Let me know...thanks.

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  1. close by, the bagel place in Woodside at the intersection of Woodside and Roosevelt, around 58th st, is surprisingly good, when fresh.

    1. I like the bagels at Carollo's Bakery either the plain or the sesame. The bagels at M&V on 86th & 37th are decent but I prefer Carollo's. If I'm in Astoria, I pick up a supply at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee on Broadway which are outstanding and they freeze well.

      1. So far I haven't been thrilled with the bagel options in JH- my husband and I have almost gotten over our bagel addiction that we developed while living in Astoria (Lot's Bagels, how I miss you!). There's a place on Northern around 90th on the South side of the street that's the best I've found.