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Jun 21, 2008 07:49 PM

One Night in South Beach - Hot Restaurant Right Now?

I haven't been to South Beach in a year or so, and I'm taking my husband there for the first time over July 4th weekend. I'm looking for a restaurant for Saturday night, and I want to show him the quintessential South Beach "scene" - the hottest restaurant, hip, beautiful people. In the past I've eaten at Prime One Twelve, Vix, Blue Door, Nobu, Table 8, and Social. Many of those fit the bill for what I'm looking for this year, but I wanted to find out if they are still on the "hot list." Social is probably the closest to what I'm looking for - small plates, busy, good music (there was a DJ playing during dinner) - but I understand it may be closing? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Sorry, there's only ugly people here in the summer.
    Only notable restaurants for "scene" that I can think of that are not on your list are Maison d'Azur @ the Angler's Resort, and possibly, the very newly opened Phillipe Chow @ the Gansevoort Hotel.

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      Hmm, a new way to rank restaurants. On the beautiful / ugly people scale. Wish you had a car, because Domo Japones in Miami would be perfect. Hip, beautiful people and awful, pretentious food.

    2. Okay, okay. Forget the "beautiful people" request. I'm just looking for restaurants with scene, music, good food. Anyone?

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        I would suggest you get a taxi to take you across the causeway and try Michael's Genuine. It's a scene of a different kind. NYT loves the place and it's always packed, always great. could try Michy's. It's helmed by Michelle Bernstein, recent winner of a James Beard award. It, too, is always packed.

        There are several new clubby places with great music in the area as well.

        1. re: jessierandall

          Hiro yako san also has great food, but that is not really what she was asking for. She wants SoBe, music and a scene so scratch Michaels and Michys. It seems like she doesn't even care about the food too much, so I would suggest a place like China Grill or Sushi Samba. Both have DJ's and a good crowd. It also depends on what day she is going to be in town. A place like the Forge could be good on Wednesday night when combined with Glass night club (think dark, classic old Miami steak house with old rich men and young girls) or Sunday afternoon at Nikki Beach is definately a scene. If you want the best food in town, go to Michaels or Michys. If you want DJ's and the Miami vibe, stick to SoBe.

          1. re: scscr

            I wouldn't go to Yakko San - the DJ there sucks.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              I'm just saying that if every response to a post about dining in Miami results in, "go to Michy's or Michael's" it will be that much harder to get a reservation. And on that note, I've never heard of Yakko San, don't know where it is and it may not even exist!

              1. re: Frodnesor

                Ha! What, you don't like all the 80s pop with the occasional waiter singing along?

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  He's pretty good after you had a few sakes :).

                  1. re: tpigeon

                    I'm pretty sure we're talking about the same guy here. I was in there a few weeks ago and he sang "Happy Birthday" to another table and totally belted it out with this operatic vibrato. It was pretty impressive.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. We'll be there on a Saturday night. Scscr, you are right - for this meal we care more about the scene and the music than the food. Don't get me wrong, we still want decent food - maybe some small plates - as well as good cocktails. But I am looking more for the South Beach scene than fine dining.

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            1. re: becca31

              Kobe Club - scene, steaks, swords and S&M decor.

              1. re: lax2mia

                Is Kobe Club busy? I thought someone posted here recently and said it was eerily empty when they went.

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  Went Friday night for Miami Spice. Was empty at 8:30. By the time we left at 10:30 it was packed and just the atmosphere OP is looking for. Case in point from an overheard conversation between waiter and diner:

                  Waiter describing the steaks: "The Japanese wagyu is the most marbled and tender and raised...The Australian wagyu is the next in line as far as being marbled...The American wagyu is probably the least marbled but still tender..." and goes on for about 5 minutes.

                  Diner: "By marbled do you mean fat?"

              1. re: taiga

                You might want to go back to Prime, scene of all scenes.

                1. re: taiga

                  If your hubby has never been to Prime, go there. It's perennially busy and sceney and you can graze on bacon at the bar as you wait for your table. Kobe is a good suggestion but is not nearly as over the top as Prime, swords notwithstanding.

                  1. re: jessierandall

                    as far as kobe meat is concerned there is only one place that is the best .and that place is bourbon steak.service ,decor,and overall ambiance top notch

                2. Thanks again for all the suggestions! I'm leaning toward Prime 112. The husband definitely loves a good steak, and it is a bustling scene. We are staying at the Sagamore, so I'd thought about going to Social again since it hit the mark last year for what I'm looking for this year, but I've heard it's not been doing so well lately and is going out of business? Does anyone know about this?

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                    I think that's an unsubstantiated rumor but I would still stick to Prime. Part of the allure of Social is being able to go outside afterwards. It's been fairly dead outside recently and it's dreadfully hot.

                    1. re: jessierandall

                      I was the poster who said that Kobe Club was empty from 9 to 11:30. It was overpriced and should not be considered "hot" right now imo. However, I was at Prime 112 last weekend. The food was great and the place was filled with "beautiful" people, including recognizable NBA players, hip hoppers,, etc....If your husband hasn't been there yet----go at around 9 PM for maximum scene....but be prepared to wait at "prime" time.

                      1. re: Debbie

                        Thanks! The only reservation time we were able to get at Prime 112 was 9:45 - think that's a good time to go?