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Jun 21, 2008 06:28 PM

Bulk Dried Peppers?!?!?

Why can't i go down the street to my neighborhood grocery store and buy a couple dried peppers from a bulk section in the produce department??? I thought that was pretty standard. Any suggegstions on where to go not far from the riverside area??

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  1. If you're looking for dried peppers like anchos and guajillos, I usually buy mine at Sweetbay. I live in Pinellas County, where there is a sizable Mexican population, so I have no idea whether the Sweetbays in your area would carry them.

    1. Search out any Latino grocer or specialty market and you will definitely find them. Most Latino grocers carry chile de arbol, guajillo, ancho (dried smoked poblanos), pasillas, and a few other types. You will probably not find chipotles (dried smoked jalapenos) and you won't find any dried peppers in bulk. They will be packaged.

      If you can find a US grocery that is in a predominantly Latino neighborhood, your chances are better than just your typical US grocer.

      You can contact these guys to possibly find a local retailer. Orale! is the most common brand in Latino markets.

      Or you can always mail order since it's not worth driving these days. Look at the bottom page for whole dried chiles.