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Jun 21, 2008 06:27 PM

Affordable business lunch in Midtown?

In the midtown area, any recommendations for an affordable business lunch? I'd like to take a colleague somewhere that has a pleasant atmosphere (not too loud) we can sit in and talk. Ideally, meal should be $25 pp max (no expense account unfortunately.) Thanks.

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  1. Midtown is so far and wide when your limited on time. Can you specify what streets exactly so that we may better assist you?

    1. If it's not awkward for you to go somewhere where there's a prix fixe menu and expect to order off of it, Aquavit Cafe and Molyvos both have set lunches in that range (I think it's $24 and $25, respectively).

      Shimizu's set lunches are even less expensive and the space is very quiet.

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        I'm looking for business lunch suggestions as well, our office is on Bryant Park 42nd and 6th, something within a 10 minute walk, suggestions!?

        1. re: fishermb

          My business lunch go to is Pera on Madison between 41 & 42. Professional with lots of space (ie: not cramped) and decent basic mediterranean/american fare. Make a res if possible, but probably ok if you don't.

          303 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017