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Jun 21, 2008 06:18 PM

Santa Monica Recs - ISO restaurant for tonight!

Hey hounders....
Need your quick help for a last minute dinner tonight.
Having dinner in Santa Monica tonight around 8pm...but I need your recommendations.
Tasty food (all types of cuisine), less than $50 for two (not including drinks), and little or no wait for a table.

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  1. Monte Alban, just outside the eastern edge of SM proper in WLA on Santa Monica Blvd. would be a good choice. Excellent Oaxacan food and the cost would be well within your budget.

    1. little to no wait is tough...

      fritto misto for italian
      on montana, cafe montana and 17th st cafe are close enough to see if either's wait is short enough
      Monte Alban is one of my faves tho

      1. I echo the doubts of little to no wait, but I love Real Food Daily. It's more cozy than upscale, and it's vegan... but it's delicious and I eat there every time I'm in Santa Monica. Any of their specials are always delicious. And if they aren't out, definitely get their ginger cupcakes- worth the trip alone!