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Jun 21, 2008 06:01 PM

Breakfast in Rockville

Trekking down to Rockville early in the morning Sunday to send the youngest off to camp - anyplace y'all would recommend that's good for breakfast?

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  1. I recommend Bagel City on the Pike just north of Montrose, and Ize's Bagels also on the Pike a few blocks south of Montrose.

    There's your standard IHOP and Original Pancake House, both on the Pike. OPH is across from Bagel City, and IHOP is up near downtown Rockville.

    In the new downtown Rockville, there's another (smaller) chain called First Watch that's pretty decent.

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    1. re: DanielK

      You can't really compare Original Pancake house and IHOP.....that's like comparing Denny's to Platos.

    2. Me, I'm partial to greasy spoons run by Greeks so there's Apollo on Washington Street in the center of Rockville and Ambrosia in the Montrose Crossing shopping center down Rockville Pike. Corned beef hash, home fries and eggs how you like 'em.

      That is all

      1. Mosaic Cafe has lovely waffles and very pleasant service. They're on the west side of Rockville Pike, in the shopping center across from the Holiday Inn (I think?). There's a back store there and an outdoor outfitting store. Just south of the shopping center where The Container Store is.

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        1. re: Transplanted Texan

          I second Mosaic! I've never had their waffles, though they're known for them, but the rest of their food is delicious.

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            I forgot about them! I've only been for lunch but liked their waffle sandwiches.

          2. Broadway Diner serves breakfast all day. Try the Hobo Banquet - basically the entire breakfast menu mixed together in one dish...

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            1. re: steinre1

              Original Pancake House
              First Watch
              Bagel City

              if you can make it to Silver Spring, Eggspectations is the absolute best breakfast place ever!

              1. re: sarawithanh

                "if you can make it to Silver Spring, Eggspectations is the absolute best breakfast place ever!"

                Strongly disagree - Eggspectations is the TGIFridays of the breakfast world. Overpriced chain food for the masses - give me a greasy spoon for breakfast any day.