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Jun 21, 2008 05:42 PM

Southern Californian Coming to NYC...

I want to experience all NYC has to offer that I can't experience in LA or Orange County. We have great ethnic food in terms of Thai/Vietnamese/Korean/Mexican, etc. Things I'm looking for in NYC

- Pizza
- Hot dogs
- Bagels
- Pastrami
- Good Jewish deli/diner
- NY "Chinese" food
- Italian food - esp some good eggplant parm.
- Any other regional NYC specialties!

Even some links to some prior threads on any of these would be great. So far I know I'm going to go to Peter Lugers, Les Halles, and do a Arthur Ave walking tour through the Institute of Culinary Education. I'm staying in Brooklyn, but plan to go to Manhattan almost daily. I'll go anywhere if the food is worth it. Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. DiFara's pizza in Midwood Brooklyn. Then you can leave.

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    1. re: NYJewboy

      I meant that once you eat DiFara's pizza your trip will be complete.

    2. Here are some suggestions. Also, as far as teh Arthur Avenue walking tour, I would actually skip that and venture off on your own up there. It is really a small bit of area and if you read up on the best places, it is easy to navigate. Spend the $60 a person on food rather than the tour.

      Pizza- DiFara as NY Jewboy already stated. Also, Grimadli's, Patsy's (in East Harlem), Lucali's, Artichoke, Franny's

      Hot Dogs- Grey's Papaya

      Bagels- Absolute Bagels (my favorite), Daniels Bagels in Murray Hill, Tal Bagels (the one on 1st avenue and 52nd)

      Pastrami- Katz's

      Good Jewish Deli- Katz's (two birds with one stone). You can also do Russ and Daughter's while you are down there. Also, I like Sarge's and Barney Greengrass is great for a sturgeon sandwich

      - Chinese food I can't help you on

      Italian Food- Not sure if you want a sit down place or heros, but Faiccos has great heros and if you are going to Arthur Avenue, there are plenty of places to get egglpant parm, especially Mike's Deli.

      1. I would def. not waste your time wiht Les Halles, while decent, def. not worth your time if you want to try all NY has. Luger is great; Strip house cant be missed
        For pizza: Gotham pizza, 77th and york, totonnos in Coney island
        hotdogs- papaya king if you want NY but the best are in NJ
        Bagels- trust me...fort lee, nj, just over the GWB (george washington bridge) a beautiful walk, lemoine ave., goldbergs bagels- FLAGELS, a flat bagel, u wont find better!
        As far a chinese- NY style chinese- Susi's on bleeker btw. thompson and sullivan is good and has been around forever
        korean- while la has great korean food having lived there, there is a large difference between west coast and east coast korean
        id def check out Flushing queens, Fort lee, Nj or Pal Park, Nj if you are a big korean fan for the closest thing to Seoul u will find
        have fun!