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Jun 21, 2008 05:10 PM

Dallas - CM on Lovers Remodel Hell

Is anyone else a little annoyed with the remodel at Central Market on Lovers? I can kind of see where they're going with some of it. Some of it, I'm clueless. Most of it is just annoying right now. I knew that store like the back of my hand. And now... they started with rearranging all the little aisles of packaged/canned foods. Why? So I can't find anything? Now they've moved all the coffee around. As if they place wasn't enough of a traffic jam on the weekends, now all the regulars are standing around looking dumb and wondering where stuff is. And frankly, some of what I'm looking for is just gone, as far as I can tell. I hope it's wonderful when they're done. Presently, it's a bummer. OK. I'll shut up now.

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  1. Margie, not only does it throw me off when they remodel my store, I find out that I have to shop a store in the same direction every time, or I can't find anything. For instance, I always start in produce and end up in drugs. If I start in drugs, my pattern is off and I keep forgetting things! Also, it does no good to make out a list, because I'll remember every item on the list. Except one. And then I forget to bring the list. I remember things by location and aisle: "Okay, here's the coffee/tea aisle. The crackers are here, too. Do I need anything?" Like that. So when they remodel, it takes me weeks before I'm comfortable shopping that store again!!!

    1. I swear that CM does this on a regular basis to force people to troll the aisles looking for stuff. It is EXTREMELY annoying!

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        It is a standard procedure in most grocery stores to rearrange things from time to time, and for the very reasons you've suggested. People become accustomed to going straight to the things they buy most often, and habitually skip certains aisles or sections of the stores. By periodically moving things around, they FORCE you to go past and look at things you would not normally see. They think you buy more this way, and statistics prove that they're right. Annoying? I agree. But it works. For them.

      2. I wish they'd remodel the Southlake store. I think it's just awful and the selections pale in comparison to Fort Worth. I shopped at the Fort Worth store for years until we moved. Boy do I miss it.

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          i concur - not happy w/ the remodel. And what happened to the sandwich section?

        2. Eh, supermarkets get remodeled all the time. I was told a month ago that they were adding a sit-down restaurant and that it should be ready around Oct/Nov. Not sure if that is still accurate. In my opinion, if they are working to improve CM for the longterm, I can certainly deal with a minor inconvenience now.