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Jun 21, 2008 04:11 PM

HWY 101 Oregon

my 15 year old daughter and I are taking a motorcycle trip down the length of Oregon on hwy 101 over the July 4th holiday and looking for cool places to eat along the way. I'm a chef
(eat anything), she doesn't eat meat, but fish and shellfish are o.k. Would love your suggestions.

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  1. We just went through Newport. We had the best Cioppino ever and saw a fascinating display of a rare cooking method. We sat at the counter that faced the cooks. They have salvaged a steam cooking system from a submarine that is just a kick to watch. Being a chef, this is a show not to miss.

    Sharks Seafood Bar & Steamer Co. 852 S.W. Bay Blvd. Newport, OR 97365 (541) 574-0590 Open for dinner only 5 - 11

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      Karla's Smokehouse for dynamite smoked fish & oysters, takeout only. Karla really knows her stuff, has been in business over 40 years. North Rockaway in Tillamook County. 5033552362. The fresh stuff that day comes out at around 1:30, open til 5.

      Be careful on the coast. There's a lot of overpriced garbage.

    2. The Pelican Bay brewpub in Pacific City makes fabulous beer and the view is even better. There's plenty of fun food on the menu for your daughter, and the beach is gorgeous. Surfers like this beach and there is a fun quick hike there up to a wonderful viewpoint over the ocean.

      The thai restaurant in Lincoln City makes fabulous pad kee mao, huge portions, cheap. It's on the right about halfway through town.

      The Sylvia Beach Hotel restaurant is very good and might make a wonderful place to stay for a night. It's family style and really beautifully done. That's in Newport.

      1. In Seaside, go to "The Stand." Fantastic Mexican. Fresh tortillas, ooh la la. There were only 2 of us and we were only there for lunch, so we only got to eat a handful of items from the menu, but every single thing was top-drawer and a bargain. It's just a few blocks away, too, from a Saltwater Taffy place called the Seaside Candyman. Of course, you will have to endure endless loops of that song, but it's worth it to see 170 flavors of saltwater taffy displayed in Lexan cylinders. Avoid the Seaside aquarium. They do not keep or treat the animals well and it's too sad to endure. Not far away, though, in Newport (where you have to go to have cioppino at Shark's, anyway) is the Oregon Coast Aquarium, where they do a very good job of interpretation. It's not the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, but is definitely in the same league. The quality of the exhibits and space were a total surprise to us, but a delightful one. Rogue brewery runs the cafe there, so plan to pick some fresh stout.
        Plan another trip on down to Monterrey another time, that way, you can see thet Monterrey Bay Aquarium and stay in the Hostel below the Pigeon Point lighthouse Very fun to sit in the hot-tub under the light and listen to the ocean crashing on the rocks below. Just across 101 a few miles up/down the highway is Duarte's at Pescadero (, with a great great great family cafe. Breakfast - oh yeah. I did not think the artichoke soup was all that, but we enjoyed the homey food there. We went ahead up to the Pescadero cemetery, where many headstones were of the Duarte family - a poignant connection.

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          I have to second The Stand. It's very unassuming but everything is very fresh tasting and not saturated with refried beans, cheese and sauce. My favorite is their carne asada quesadilla. It's almost a crime to call it a quesadilla - it's loaded with veggies and great meat. Have a great time on the coast!

        2. Thanks for the great suggestions. We will make a point to stop and try the cioppino, smoked fish (one of my favorites), the brewpub (I'll save some smoked fish), Thai and the Mexican restaurant, both cuisines our favs. I'll try to report back on our trip when I get back. Our route is at:

          1. We were just in the Newport/Depoe Bay area, one of our favorite places to visit. Here is a quick rundown of our standout favorites:

            Newport Nye Beach (Ocean front rather than the Bay front): ARR Place 143 SW Cliff St; This is our absolute favorite for dinner and I think it will greatly appeal to the chef in you. The menu is short and made up each day with what is fresh. It is casual and sort of funky and very fun. The food is outstanding and the couple who runs it is obviosly having fun while they work hard.
            April's is a very close second, and
            Quimby's is way up there on the list as well. While all the places I have mentioned have pages on travel sites, this one has it's own site:
            Panini bakery is down there too, and they have fabulous breads/pastries in the morning and Pizza in the afternoon/evening.

            Newport (closer to the Bay area): Canyon Way Bookstore & Restaurant is really fun, excellent food and very innovative (We haven't been there in 4 years or so but it has been there forever so I don't think it has changed).

            Depoe Bay has Tidal Raves (Dinner) and it is right on HY 101. For house roasted coffee and pastries and handmade chocolates there is Pirate Coffee Company, at the north end of town.

            If you find yourself near Otis (Just north of Lincoln City) especially near breakfast time (but any time is fine) I think it would be criminal to miss the Otis Cafe. Visit their in-progress site at and I am telling you the site is not great but seriously, if you don't stop there your life will never be complete.

            In Seaside for coffee I love Seaside Coffee Roasters and if you are going all the way up to Astoria there are tons more places to tell you about, but I haven't yet been to any of them. Astoria, OR and Longbeach, WA are starting to boom with foodie places and it is fun to see the growth.

            Have a wonderful trip! Be safe and eat well!