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Jun 21, 2008 04:01 PM

Good chow near 405/Sunset Blvd (Brentwood)?

I'm visiting LA and am staying at the Hotel Angeleno which is located (according to their website) at the crossroads of Brentwood and Bel-Air at 170 N. Church Lane. I know absolutely nothing about LA, and will not have a car. Is there any good chow nearby? Is it a safe neighborhood to walk in to get to local eateries? I'm targeting moderate places, no more than about $15 per entree. Ethnic is fine. Thoughts?

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  1. Your closest ethnic place would probably be the Clay Pit for Indian food. It's at 145 S Barrington Ave. and you would walk west on Sunset Blvd. a little more than a half a mile to get there. Not the most brilliant Indian food in LA, but it will do in a pinch. You are kind of in "no mans" land at that hotel, especially when it comes to walking.

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      Thanks for the reply. Is it easy to get a cab in this area? Is there anything like what I'm looking for within a 10-15 minute cab ride?

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        Remember that cabs can't be hailed in L.A., they have to be called. Typically they show up in 10-20 minutes, maybe faster if you have the doorman or concierge call for you.

        As both Servorg and Emme have warned, you'll be in an area that is extremely pedestrian-hostile (not to mention noisy -- it's literally facing the 405). There are sections of Sunset Blvd. that are unlit AND have no sidewalks, so forget about walking anywhere after sundown or at peak hours.

        And the restaurants you're going to find in Brentwood are definitely going to challenge your budget.

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          You probably will want to go over to the Westwood Village area or down Barrington to the heart of Brentwood. Definitely cab it. While cab's aren't supposed to pick you up on the street I have never had a problem hailing them in the Westwood area. A couple of good, solid Thai places that will be in your price range are:

          Emporium Thai Cuisine
          1275 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles 90024
          Between Ashton & Wellworth Ave

          Thai House
          1049 Gayley Ave, Los Angeles 90024
          Between Kinross Ave & Weyburn Ave

      2. really nothing within walking distance, as even the clay pit is on barrington and the walk along sunset isn't safe at particular points. i mean there's san gennaro there on barrington ct as well. if you're not married to that hotel (as in you haven't already booked), i'd consider changing if you're not going to have a car. otherwise, i'd rent a car or take taxis over to italian restaurants on san vicente. pizzacotto would be an option over there. coral tree cafe. also westwood isn't too far, if you wanted to take a taxi or drive to westwood blvd... shamshiri, california fresh, and others... if you decide to rent a car or taxi it, let us know so we can make some driving distanced recs.

        1. I don't know exactly where the hotel is, but if it's where I think it is, I agree with Servorg. Many of the restaurants closeby would be in Brentwood Village or Westwood Village. To get to Westwood Village, I think you would need a car. Cab rides in LA can become expensive very quickly.

          I don't know exactly what would be in walking distance, but I can give you some recs within a few miles of where I think you'll be. In Brentwood, I recommend Coral Tree Cafe. They have good salads, and I recommend the banana latte.

          On Westwood Blvd., in Westwood, I recommend Shamshiri Grill.

          Shamshiri Grill
          1712 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

          Coral Tree Cafe
          11645 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

          1. Take a cab to Santa Monica. Father's Office is in your budget. Or, take a cab to Monte Alban in West LA.

            You can't walk anywhere from your hotel, but you can take a $10 cab ride to some great, inexpensive, restaurants. The hotel might have a shuttle within a certain radius, you should ask them.

            1. Taiko in Brentwood has great soba and udon noodles (don't get the sushi, it's average tasting and expensive to boot). Very reasonable prices too.

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                Walk across the street to the Luxe Hotel. The restaurant "On Sunset" serves a great breakfast, excellent lunch and has a very nice bar with a good and inexpensive bar menu. I prefer the bar menu to the regular dinner menu. The bartender makes a fine drink and those hamburger sliders & fries make for an inexpensive & yummy meal. Best of all, you can walk right back to your hotel.