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Jun 21, 2008 03:37 PM

New Bar-B-Que in Montco.

Driving west on Germantown Pike from West Norritonjust before the intersection of Rt. 363 (Valley Forge Rd.) at Fairview Village, we have a new bar-b-que place in the 'hood. I've driven past for almost a year while Benny LaRoma's BarBQue USA took shape and the smokehouse was built in the rear. Last night, I tried to get into a packed house where I was warned "be prepared to wait" while they frantically attended to patrons with all the disorganization of opening night. So, I took a menu and left.

Tonight, I returned to a sign that all beef ribs had already sold out. I also ordered the last chicken before briefly discussing biz with frazzled but accommodating owner, Benny. He smokes all of his own meats - pork, beef and turkey, roasts his own herb-rubbed porchetta and features his own smoked fennel-seasoned sausage. An array of sides is offered along with a sauce bar. Ambiance is a zero but the huge platters of Texas brisket, spare ribs and back ribs make up for it. (Having been "off the hoof" for about 25 years, I'm not into oink or moo but my grilled half chicken was very good.) Mixed combination platters are also available. But it already seems that the take-out counter is the busiest. If you need a few racks of fresh smoked ribs to feed a crowd, this is the place.

Of note is Benny's commitment to the PA Preferred program that buys only from local farmers - both meats and produce.

Benny says he will close for Monday to re-stock, get his house in order and his phones working. He''s been seriously underprepped and never expected the land office business he's had in his first two days. The website is also under construction. If having a BarBQue craving or need to quickly feed a football team, I recommend!!

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  1. Thanks for the quick review. I live a few blocks from the place and have watched and waited for it to open. I saw the line for lunch on Friday and decided to wait a couple days before trying.

    1. Drool! I will try to take John there later today! Cannot wait! Thanks so much for posting! I love me some carbs but just Wow!

      1. I'm looking forward to trying Benny's. I've eaten at Abner's in Jenkintown a couple of times and found the bbq ribs and chicken to be good (for Philly) but not great. In a pinch, the ribs at the Collegville Diner are okay and the ribs at Blue Sky are fairly good. There is also a new bbq place (Boston BBQ) on 202 in the shopping center behind the closed Shell station south of Via Veneto's. I haven't tried it yet and will post when I do.

        1. We ordered from here yesterday.The portions were fairly large. I reccomend all to try.

          1. We went here yesterday and I must say I was pretty satisfied. They have a few bugs to work out but that comes with the territory. The beef ribs were very good as well as the zucchini chips.