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Jun 21, 2008 03:23 PM

Dallas Italian

Went to Two Guys from Italy recently and wow. Thought it was one of the better Italian places I have been to. Have not heard much about this place. I would strongly recommend it. Cheap and very good food.

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  1. You should give Bugatti Ristorante a try.

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      Somehow, I had never heard of Bugatti until last week but we tried it and it certainly did not disappoint. A bit pricey but the service is worth every penny. Their tiramisu could also be close to the best I've ever tasted.

    2. I enjoy their food. Ravioli is really good.

      1. Danieli Osteria in Oaklawn is as good as it gets. Expensive though.

        1. I've never heard of it at all. I'll have to check it out. My current favorite, hands down, is Nonna.

          1. We had a great Italian experience the other night at a place at Frankfort and The tollway called Bene Bene and we are really picky as we travel to Italy a lot. It was really good.

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              The Chef/Owner ..Rhino sures moves around alot. Think this is is 6-7 place in 5 years. Hopefully he will stay put fpr awhile! His food is awesome. He had a great review in the guidelive a few weeks ago.