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Jun 21, 2008 03:08 PM

Strip House - what cut to order?

Going to Strip House tonight. What is the best cut? What else (sides, desserts, etc.) are can't miss? What's to be avoided?

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  1. I go to Strip House pretty frequently and always order the same thing:
    porterhouse for 2 (not on the regular menu but always a special)
    black truffle creamed spinach
    creamed corn with bacon

    I'm a big steak person but usually not much for char. Strip house really sold me on the concept of a crispy outside. I dream about the spinach even more than the steak. If I get an appetizer it's usually the oysters. Portions here are huge and I like to save all of my appetite for the steak and sides. Even the salads are gigantic and too filling if I'm really going to have at the steak.

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    1. re: bml

      Is the porterhouse always a special? Thank God because I know it is not on the regular menu. but to judge any true steakhouse this is the cut to get. Also what about their prime rib I have seen they offer it but is that usually a special as well?

      1. re: steakrules85

        Never seen the Prime, but the Porter does seem to always be on special.

    2. Porterhouse if they have it. Creamed spinach is good as a side. I could leave the goose fat potatoes, but many disagree.

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      1. re: Lucia

        Agreed. Goose fat potatoes aren't anything special but the creamed spinach is worth all the accolades

      2. I think this is too late to be of any help, but as I've posted here before, I would skip the filet and head towards the strip, or the porter. the filet mignon is the cheapest cut on the strip house menu which should indicate something.

        i actually love the good fat potatos, but they used to be 500x better before they changed the recipe.

        Spinach is perfection there. It'll change your expectations for good creamed spinach.
        The garlic bread strips in the cheese sauce (the proper name escapes me) is really decadent.
        Ask for the assortment of sauces.

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        1. re: sugartoof

          Going here soon. How exactly are the goose fat potatoes cooked and what did they change about them? I heard the romanoff potatoes are really good. Ever have the fries??

          1. re: steakrules85

            Hi. The potatoes romanoff are amazing. When I go, certain friends order their OWN side to eat (and do so at the expense of eating less of their steaks). The fries are good, but are just fries. I think the fried onions and the creamed corn with pancetta are two other standout sides.

            1. re: cidonie

              Awesome thanks for the advice. They are not listed on the website, but are the potatoes romanoff always available? And the onion rings are more lik onion strings from what I have seen from some pics.

              1. re: steakrules85

                They've had the potatoes romanoff every time that I've gone but you might want to call and ask. Yes, they're more like onion strings. Unbelievable addictive when you dip them in the stilton sauce and drape them over a ribeye :)

                1. re: cidonie

                  Thanks awesome to know! As far as the fries go are they crispy and thick cut?

        2. I would suggest the porterhouse, strictly because it is cooked on the bone, thus giving the meat more flavor. You also get the best of both worlds, the tenderness of the filet an the beefier flavor of the strip. The beauty of the creamed spinach as a side is that it also acts as a souce of sorts. I always love to let the juices from the steak mix in with the cream from the spinach to create what I deem a plate sauce (as opposed to a pa sauce)

          1. Rib Eye on the bone....Medium Char....

            It's a welcome change to the usuals