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Jun 21, 2008 02:39 PM

New Mexican on Union Street in Slope?


I've recently driven past a little Mexican restaurant with a yellow facade advertising fresh tamales. Mmmm. In hoping this place might be good I tried to find its name on the internet but couldn't find anything. So I'm turning to you, friends for help.

The place is adjacent to Maria's on Union between 4th and 5th. Is it an offshoot (hope not), or some new purveyor of tasty treats? Has anyone eaten there? Any good?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The little yellow cafe used to be painted purple and was called Café Mexicano. They used to have good pressed sandwiched, horchata, and fresh tamales. For reasons unknown Café Mexicano closed and was reopened as part of Maria's Mexican Bistro. The back of the café now opens up into Maria's restaurant.
    I live up the street and seldom go to Maria's - I think the prices are a little high and the service is not good at all, though they do have good guacamole. I tried the yellow café last week for lunch with my visiting mom and sister. After running down the block to grab a menu I returned home and tried to call in a delivery order - four times. No one ever answered the phone.
    My mother still wanted to go there, though I was already having doubts....
    We got there close and it took about 10 minutes to find a waiter. He was nice, but the service was quite sloppy - drinks coming at different times, wrong food to the wrong person, salad and entree served together...
    We each ordered the lunch special. The avocado salad had bruised lettuce and three rough hunks of (ripe) avocado with a few brown spots. The chicken burritos were OK, but mostly rice and beans. They had none of the Mexican specialty 'fruit waters' on the menu, except for sandia (watermelon) and that was over-sugared.
    Nothing good to say about the whole experience. That being said, I did grab a chicken tamale a few weeks ago and thought it was decent, though I'm not a tamale expert...

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      Thanks! Maybe I'll grab a tamale sometime.

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        Maria's is totally crappy! We went there tonight thinking it might be related to Cafe Mexicano (about which we'd read an apparently very old review online), but it isn't. The chips were burnt and when we asked for new ones they said that was all they had (even though the menu boasted everything was made fresh daily) and they charged us for an extra beer. In the order of cheese enchiladas with mole poblano sauce the cheese wasn't even melted, it was just a pile of lukewarm grated cheese! To be fair, one member of our party ordered a portabella mushroom appetizer that was very good. But otherwise I would classify it as an underwhelming experience not worth the money.

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          they way i feel about maria's is the same as i feel about so many mexican places in this city. its a nice place to sit outside and drink margaritas and eat guac on a warm summer night. but beyond that, not so much to write home about.

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            Alas, Maria's was great when it first opened, but then went WAY downhill.

          1. its the same place thats been there for years.
            an "annex" of maria's, if you will (the back of the little cafe opens into maria's".

            its basically just a counter at maria's where you can get stuff to go.

            the food is "ok".
            they do have a heap lunch special though.
            and the tamales are pretty good.