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Jun 21, 2008 02:34 PM

Alone for dinner in OC... where?

Mrs Ubergeek and the baby have gone to a wedding. I am not going because I thought I was going to be in Vegas this weekend. So now I need dinner tonight... but I'm a little jaded, and I'm not sure why.

So what do I want for dinner tonight? Rules: under $30, and within 30 minutes' drive of Angel Stadium (that's 30 minutes WITH traffic, please)... I need to plan this better and arrange like a Chowting or something. Oh well.

Suggestions? I was thinking the new Renu Nakorn but the idea of driving to Norwalk... meh...

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  1. Coupla thoughts:

    Zove's Bistro is debuting their new lounge (as of June)...a a cool, dark , comfy space with some really yummy mezze dishes (menu for the lounge only). Wekness is the wine list... the BTGlas choices are trite and overpriced.

    I'm hearing great stuff about Alessa Cafe ((PCH at 19th, I think). It's a new chef-owner cafe (Italian obviously), well priced and supposedly delightful.

    If I was alone tonight, I'd hop to Xanh Bistro for Haley Nguyen's Viet food... perfect and cool for this weather. She's on Brookhurst near Edinger in a scruffy shopping center (tho' the cafe iteslf is bright shiny new).

    Then there's always Tropika for good Malasian in Tustin (behind Zov's, actually).

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      "19th and PCH" doesn't connect. What city?

      1. re: thebaron

        Sorry-- don't know my coastal geo well. Right where NB almost becomes HB... below Hoag. Guess that's westernmost NB. Maybe I was thinking of Superior?

    2. OC Bites has good are a few more:

      - Crow Bar and Kitchen in Newport Beach for gastropub grub. The only part that sucks is the parking (valet mostly) and the fact that it gets way too crowded to be comfortable.

      - It's too hot, but it's perfect for cooling sushi...omakase at Sushi Shibucho in Costa Mesa or maybe just revolving sushi at Kaisen. I might have sushi somewhere tonight.

      - If it were me, dining alone, I'd make a repeat visit to the new Kyochon Chicken in Stanton (inside the new Freshia Market there) which is not too far a jaunt from Angel Stadium.

      Here's my post about it:

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      1. re: elmomonster

        Hmmmmmm... sushi... wanna have a Chowhound meet? ;)

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Ah I've been sushi for the elmomonster. It is to be Vietnamese tonight. Apparently my friends are strapped for cash...but then, aren't we all.

      2. I went to Renu Nakorn... look for a post soon.

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          Yum! Looking forward to it! :D