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Jun 21, 2008 02:27 PM

Juice Bar on 5th Ave. / Park Slope?

I've been craving fresh juice / smoothies lately and can't think of too many places with a juice bar in Park Slope... Pita Hut on 7th, and I think Back to the Land makes fresh juice. Just to complicate matters I'm also looking for somewhere with papaya juice... and I'm not in the mood to start juicing my own.
Any other thoughts? Anywhere on 5th? thanks!

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  1. Marina's diner on 5th and Bergen or Dean has tropical juices/smoothies, but not fresh- they're probably made of goya brand frozen fruit. Also, that new vegan deli on bergen between 5th and Flatbush is a likely bet for fresh juice.

    1. Yeah, Back to the Land has a juice bar, but I doubt it includes papaya. Their hours are pretty erratic, and selling juice is not exactly top priority.
      There is a little cafe/takeout place, I think on 9th st. just east of 7th (anyone know the name?) which includes a juice bar; I've had a good experience there.
      Lastly, I recently saw a new organic takeout place on 5th, somewhere near 4th st. Might have juices... Anyone tried that place?

      1. There's a place on Fifth, between 10th & 11th I think, that looks like a grocery - they do juices - I only do vegetable, so can't tell you what their fruit selection is...