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Jun 21, 2008 01:25 PM

Koo Neo-Japanese Asian Cuisine

Koo's is now open. Has anybody been there yet? Was wondering how is it.

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  1. Was there for lunch on Friday. Good prices. Nice atmosphere. My eel roll was delicious. Wasn't fond of my salmon roll.
    My son got the take-out last night. He said his tuna roll was fatty but he liked the eel roll.
    That's 2 votes for the eel roll.
    I don't care, I'm giving this place lots of chances. It's too close and convenient. I'll just have to try enough things and pick out my favorites.

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    1. re: Pink Pepper

      Not too sure why your son felt the Tuna Roll was fatty. Tuna are generally very lean. There is a fatty tuna called Toro, but the price of Toro is extremely high. Most restaurants have Toro priced as market or seasonal price.

    2. We tried Koo tonight. Overall, not bad. Service, though pleasant, was mildly disjointed. The food was good so no worries there. He had the fried calamari for app, said it was okay, nothing special. I had the Roti - Asian pancake with chicken curry. I wasn't sure how to eat it; I actually dipped the pancake in the curry sauce. It was tasty.

      For my main, I had the Fantastic Eel roll and Tri-Color roll. Both were quite good and amply sized. The thing that stood out the most on the eel roll was the seaweed salad inside. Eel is typically my favorite, but the seaweed salad inside definitely kicked it up a notch! The Tri-Color roll has salmon, avocado, and ginger inside, tuna & yellowtail outside. I usually don't like ginger, but this worked and I enjoyed it.

      He had the sushi & sashimi combo and noted that it was really good. No complaints at all. The prices were on par with other sushi restaurants in the area. So I say it's worth a visit especially if you're into trying new places.