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Jun 21, 2008 01:10 PM

worst barbacoa ever...i mean ever

Went to Herbert's Taco Hut in San Marcos this morning on the way through town.

Grabbed a few breakfast tacos including one barbacoa taco. Generally, when barbacoa is bad it's usually the same mediocre preprepared barbacoa found at most tex mex joints.

The taco comes out, it looks odd, so I open up the tortilla. There's about 6 1"x1"x0.5" perfectly square blocks of a hard black substance...not dissimilar looking from a synthetic running track surface.

I sniff it. It kinda smells like barbacoa. It's so so unbelievably dry I think it's sucking humidity out of the air. Not a spot of grease to be seen.

Now I have to take a bite just to see. Tasted like nothing with a weird texture like shredded up beef jerky molded back together in a block.

I wish I would have taken a picture of it.

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  1. That barbacoa does sound truly awful. Thanks for the warning.

    As long as we're discussing San Marcos, is there any chance that you were you the one who reported that Southwest Market had closed due to landlord issues? Has anyone heard if there are plans to re-open in a new location?

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      Woody (the landlord) opened up his BBQ joint in the old SW Market location. I haven't tried it though. The SWM owners haven't reopened as of yet.